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  1. [Edward] Streaming - Making it Rain!

    Hi Edward Stake.com Rocks !! Stake Username: bitsc
  2. Thank the forum itself

    agree it is the Fairest site
  3. Thank the forum itself

    For users to stay involved. Create interest in PD. Keep people comeback or the will go elsewhere.
  4. Lose weight in a healthy way💖

    Drink V-8 juice or make your own for energy. Eat oatmeal with your favorite fruit. <- will fill you up without making you fat or hungry and will help cut weight. Bodyweight exercises everyday. A little bit each day. For muscle and strength. The pounds come off in the kitchen.
  5. Slow Profit Strategy for Plebs

    For me it depends. If you have multiple loss in row the without bust and win you can get 1/3 quick. But if you have a few loss in row over and over it can take longer. I just play for time few mins stop and start. Play to a goal. Take a break. Then come back. Trying to build bank.
  6. All Photos and Images are Pictures but not all Pictures are Photos or Images. My brain hurts.
  7. .005 loan

    When you start needing loans you get further down the rabbit hole.
  8. Slow Profit Strategy for Plebs

    autobet autobet
  9. What is you action plan to prevent the car crash that is coming (busting)? We all say you should watch you bets. Then what? What are we looking for and what you do. Do you have a plan based on time or a stop loss method. Or do most say watch it but in reality just let it ride.
  10. Slow Profit Strategy for Plebs

    Thanks. This is a good one. Just watch it. Started with 90k had success but it did get down to one roll from busting. But then came back. Played it off and on 285k. Any other strategies with higher payouts lower % increase.
  11. So we have 4000$

    The US Treasury with Congress can outlaw it or tax it were people run for the hills. And the US will make Europe follow along. They can still trace it and if you have been sloppy ip address or email account they can find you. It dosent take much for the IRS win in court. The IRS dosent care it just wants it money. Look at the history of the US and Europe money and currencies. I not say that will happen. Watch what the IRS and Treasury say about crypto.
  12. So we have 4000$

    The only thing that can kill it US treasury,Congress or another crypto.
  13. So we have 4000$

    one satoish at a time. The general public dosnt know abut bitcoins or crypto.