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  1. Help me with JavaScript!!

    Thank you sir... 😊
  2. Help me with JavaScript!!

    oh okay sir, wait i m doing it.. OMG serlite sir I solved it thank you so muchhh... function gp(a,b) { var arr = []; var d = 3; while (a<b){ arr.push(a); a = a*d; } console.log(arr); } Thank you your presence solved my problem
  3. Help me with JavaScript!!

    Oh i understood now... so what if i do it with a single while loop?
  4. Help me with JavaScript!!

    No serlite, I was just waiting for you to get your eyes on my topic... i think now my problem will be solved
  5. Help me with JavaScript!!

    i searched on google and didnt find so i asked here okay i will try to execute each piece perfectly
  6. Help me with JavaScript!!

    Haha Its k... iwant1btc... i know that if you know you would have surely help me
  7. Google Scholarship for Android or Web development!

    Dont be sad i think you should google it i hope there are more opportunities are waiting for you
  8. Help me with JavaScript!!

    Hello my pd frnds... I'm learning JavaScript and i've tried solving this geometric progression without success. The first and last terms are given which are a and b respectively according to the image attached. d is the common ratio and n which is the number of terms is not given. My solution prints way more than expected, my answer shouldn't be anywhere over the last term. This example should terminate at 27 . thereby adding only 3 items to the array. Solution attached as image http://postimg.org/image/1s7bg490zf/67f68eda/
  9. Moth

  10. I m using it since few weeks and there are all fresh proxies
  11. ur welcome and Yeah i previously used cyberghost too okay bro
  12. 4.3x Payout 44% Increase on Loss

    okay bro