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  1. Apple accepting bitcoin and ethereum

    Yeah Samsung should follow i prefer android too but when it comes to durability, i'll go with Iphone
  2. Yep been deposited many times now. I bust then deposit again then been able to get back my money on 1st and 2nd deposit. That's my routine everytime i make deposits lol. I don't use my faucet coz it sucks
  3. Apple accepting bitcoin and ethereum

    Wow that would be great! Crypto currencies conquering the world! It would be awesome if all apple store would accept btc as payment. And i'm sure Samsung will follow lol
  4. Trading techniques

    You should do your own research. Trading is like gambling, you're also taking a risk. I know somw people who failed on trading and it's because they were too excited to try it and didn't think that much. They didn't do their research on what coin they should buy and hold. So the result of their careless act is they lose their money. Try on bitcointalk, there are lots of thread there about altcoins and trading that can surely help you. Also there different bloggers especially on youtube who makes blog about Trading. Be careful and wise. Good luck!
  5. Wow this is really one of the best interview that you've done Ledust! Bojana is really a smart woman, Beautiful and cheerful. I wish next interview would be Irena
  6. Thank the forum itself

    I don't think forums are just for money. They make this so people would stay on PD and ofcourse for the community to be much closer. Atleast we get to know each other and share our ideas and knowledge about gambling and generally about bitcoin which is really a good thing!
  7. 9900x and 4950x

    Thanks sis <3 Good luck Thank you shinjo ^^ Hopefully i'll hit it again one day. Best of luck! I wish you hit it one day. Thank you You should try 9900x sometimes. Good luck Thank you guys and i wish y'all a good luck
  8. I agree it's one of their way to vent out on their losses but i don't think they really mean it. It's like an expression for them but after a few minutes they'll be fine and make a deposit again lol

    Pinaka malaking talo ko .06 btc medyo maliit pa nun btc. Nabawi ko rin naman from their giveaway lol Pinaka malaking panalo ko sa loob ng isang araw .04 lang kasi tumitigil na ko maglaro kapag malaki na panalo
  10. Playing with somebody' strategy.

    You should settle this in private. Since you said you're friends with each other, don't let this little thing ruined it. Gambling is taking risk and if you win by one strategy, that doesn't mean it will work with others. Hope everything will be okay between the two of you. Good luck
  11. [Edward] Streaming - Making it Rain!

    Good luck Eddy! Win big!
  12. How do you feel about the death penalty?

    I agree on Death Penalty! Some people might don't understand it but if you're a relative of someone who died in the arms of a criminal then probably you'll agree on death penalty. Here in my country, many children died because of rape and abuse and those criminals are in jail eating for free? NO WAY! They should burn in hell!
  13. 1 minute wait for chat

    I think it's really okay since some people are abusing PPP like they spam a lot with redundant post. One minute is okay unlike to some forums that i've been to it's like 3 minutes gap before you send another message.
  14. Anong gagawin niyo pag nag 50k ang btc

    Simula ng pumalo sa 100k ang btc lagi ko dati pinagdadasal na bumaba muna ang price ng BTC para makabili kaso mukhang nalabo pa bumaba sa 50k. Maganda na rin mataas btc tapos marami silang giveaway hindi na kailangan bumili ng btc