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  1. Uhhh forever virgin
  2. Call centre agent handling USA medical insurance so i'm basically talking with doctors,practitioners, and anyone in medical field
  3. Hi Mr.J welcome on PD forum! Everyone here are nice and friendly so you'll get along easily Have fun and Goodluck on your rolls. Cheers!
  4. I had a bad luck for the past 2 weeks. Anyway, everyone is allowed to do giveaways so no one copied anyone
  5. Copied you? Lol are you telling us that you're the only person who can make any giveaways? Idc about reputations. The reason why admins made a "USER GIVEAWAY" thread is for us to atleast share our profits/blessings with everyone SMH!
  6. Very well said sis! Everyone should stop complaining if something is not in favour with you. Learn how to appreciate even small things. Let's make love not war LOL
  7. Nice one tatay! Thank you for this giveaway. I will try to hit it and hopefully luck is on me this time Good luck guys!
  8. When i won in edward's stream but bust it all in a few minutes lol Also when i won in xlittlegirly's stream then i hunt 99.99 twice and made .02 profit!
  9. My memorable win was when i lose .03 then i only have 10k sats left so i tried to hunt. When i was down to 2k sats i bet 100 bb .01% win chance and poof i got 0.00 so it is .009 profit. When you're losing a lot and you're about to give up, something incredible will happen and you'll realize that giving up was never an option lololol
  10. You mean buy btc from other PD members by "TiP"? Well i think it is prohibited.
  11. Hey sweet! Goodluck on your stream. Hope you hit the jackpot lol Xx
  12. Hello there! Hope you're having a great time here. Everyone is nice here and i also love dogs lol Good luck on your rolls. Cheers!
  13. Good job magyk! Atleast they could focus into something interesting and not on gambling. It would probably help those gambling addicts. Hope edward would look at this one and implement it soon.
  14. Welcome on PD forum Mr. Hope you're having a great time here More greens to come Good luck!
  15. Hey, yes this giveaway was already done. Sorry but i don't know how to close or lock this lol