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  1. 📢 Pay Per Post is Back!

    Well ... the new ppp concept seems more restrict and fun. Will encourage people to post more contructive content
  2. Do Not Lend without Collateral

    You've be warned guys ! Collateral can be altcoin like Doge, ETH , or others Collateral also can bitcointalk account ( usually higher rank ) Hope this can prevent any default loan in the future
  3. Looking for a 0.005BTC loan for 2days

    Any collateral ? ETH or Doge ?
  4. Looking for a 0.01BTC loan for 7 days

    Any collateral ?
  5. [ICO][bounty] Crederoom

    The project looks good and promising. Let see if i can invest here ...
  6. Last letter game

  7. Last letter game

  8. Ah I just login that I must the signature but it's too late For next similiar contest, I will watch the rule more careful Anyway Congratulation for the winners, you're deserve it, guys
  9. 0.1 Giveaway!

    How about add negative trust for every people who did "never being paid" giveaway on the future ?
  10. Snoring while sleeping

    Hope your husband can be cure from snoring I know that's very disturbing !
  11. Last letter game

  12. lets count

  13. Name that Animal/Insect

    BeetleCroach After I saw on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JDIvSoQn_po Difference Between Cockroach and Beetle I think OP's image is beetle