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  1. Я на этом еоботе обменял битки на нем и жду когда цена немы даст 2х ))
  2. Is bitcoin transaction fees fair??

    some hours ago i send transaction with 5usd comission on electrum, confirmation comes after 15 minut. I think its good
  3. Primedice web access

    I have the same problem on android 4x version,
  4. Its possible when huge money income in to the crypto capitalization
  5. Do Altcoins really have a future?

    Of cource altcoins will live in the future, There are many interesting technologies we have sometimes better than bitcoin
  6. Вот тебе еще один странный форк, с очевидным элементом кидалова
  7. Is it too late to buy bitcoin?

    its not to late, but now not the moment all wait big corection
  8. Best Gambling Site 2017

    Already voted for PD
  9. Easy, i am flew to another country cashout and back.
  10. How can i secure my account

    Use hard password and 2fa. 2fa can be switch of by support, then you need strong password
  11. btc or eth?

    Etherium more application platform, rather than cryptocurrency. And ether's priority not high priced eth, hes priority stability of price
  12. Optimal transaction fee

    30k sat the best fee, i am agree pay this fee on all servces if its be avialable
  13. The most stupid way you lost BTC

    send BTC with fee more than sending value
  14. The faucet captcha is making me mad

    Google service working very bad, i am send msg to google but he dont answer me
  15. Сначала кеш потом литок интересно кто ледующий ?