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  1. WCX Beta is now live

    me too bro. they sent invite code in 1/9 but i did not recieve any mail. maybe we are not on 5000 pp . cause they got 370k member, but only 5k member they choose can recieve code
  2. WCX Beta is now live

    my pleasure
  3. WCX Beta is now live

    email you used to register you account.
  4. New coin - WCXT

    thanks for ref bro . hold and wait . i forgot to leave link of roadmap
  5. New coin - WCXT

    hey check it bro. https://trello.com/b/596LMpPZ/wcx-product-roadmap
  6. WCX Beta is now live

    you do not recieved verify mail?you still have 0 wcx? check in spam or st. find thiss email. or you can try to create other account.
  7. WCX Beta is now live

    nah. we still cant wd now.
  8. WCX Beta is now live

    check in email. only 5000 pp / 320 000 people can recieve invite code in email.
  9. WCX Beta is now live

    ha ha im waiting too bro check more infor here. https://trello.com/b/596LMpPZ/wcx-product-roadmap
  10. WCX Beta is now live

    377,104 people have signed up for WCX. as you know. i posted atopic about free 50 wcx some weeks ago. https://forum.primedice.com/topic/27526-new-coin-wcxt/ WCX Beta is now live! dont loss your chance to take free money. 50 token ~ 5$ . thats easy . just register and verify your email : https://wcex.co/?ref=PsVfEOd
  11. Guess when i hit win 100k

    have you done yet? username: badguy69 number: 3573
  12. Restoring Your Account - Process

    thanks for reminding us. best of luck
  13. Looking for 0.009 Btc Loan on PD

    hope you can find someone to make a deal. we have some scammer before. so its hard
  14. My forum balance doesn't update after transfer.

    contact to mr.dan to get your answer