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  1. [Lending] Athena2007 Loaning Service

    250k loan 10 percent per day 1-5 days to OMGjimbo http://prntscr.com/iub672
  2. [Lending] Athena2007 Loaning Service

    sent and be lucky ....
  3. nytewind did NOT default on a loan

    yes i prey on people family emergencys,, grab some popcorn if u fancy a read,, the ammout of excuses and lies from this person is unreal but they say you have to cover a lie with a lie.. then u get mixed up... ssss
  4. nytewind did NOT default on a loan

    if anyone thinks that i am anyway wrong in this and would like to read his words and lies drop me a message and i will link you to the whole conversations,,
  5. nytewind did NOT default on a loan

  6. nytewind defaulted on loan

    i am reporting nytewind for defaulting on a loan that is old i have recieved in the past 15 days 950k sats from the original loan and keep getting every excuse under the sun f om weeks ago for the rest today he was suppose to send me 500k but only sent 300k .. and another excuse .. my patcients with this person is up .. @Milan please take appropirate measures as i have had enough of this ... looks like he banned himself before i outed him what a coward...
  7. [Lending] Athena2007 Loaning Service

    paid.. paid
  8. [Lending] Athena2007 Loaning Service

    any why wouldnt you pay what you. owe,,
  9. 🏆 [0.08 BTC] Pot of Gold Challenge!

    21965027156 placed by athena2007 Wagered: 0.00000100 Payout: 450.00x Profit: 0.00044900 athena2007
  10. Bitcoin in cheap

    come on who in there right mind would sell cheaper and if they did u would be scammed .. come on .. why people making all these silly posts /....
  11. [Lending] Athena2007 Loaning Service

    all paid ty milan..MALAKA
  12. [Lending] Athena2007 Loaning Service

    a 400k loan at 10 percent a day for 24 hours granted and sent please aknoledged that u have received milan and good luck
  13. i think ill wait till someone clicks on that link first,, any takers..