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  1. need loan 0.005-0.01

    still active
  2. Need 0.0015 loan Payback 0.02 in 48 hours

    edit your topic title...
  3. remove MAX button?

    If you want, here is remove max button plugin:
  4. remove MAX button Chrome plugin

    right, on mobile is no max button because of responsive....
  5. Hello, because I lost 0,027 after press button (I want to press 2X). More informations here: Plugin is for chrome and you can download it here (attached here as primedice.zip). Instalation: Visit chrome://extensions (via omnibox or menu -> Tools -> Extensions). Enable Developer mode by ticking the checkbox in the upper-right corner. Click on the "Load unpacked extension..." button. Select the directory containing your unpacked extension. Just visit PD and MAX button is gone for show MAX button just disable plugin If you like this plugin, you can tip me (PD nick antiS). Thanks and enjoy! Download: primedice.zip
  6. remove MAX button?

    so I'm going to create chrome plugin to remove this button... I will share with you after finish...
  7. Hi, is possible do something with max button? I want to press 2X and press MAX, this buttons are very close to each other. What's happened (see screenshot). This happened to me more then 3x. Idea: after press MAX button, input background change into red? (see another sceenshot). I know, that MAX button is for PD profitable, but.......... EDIT: I made chrome plugin for remove MAX button:
  8. oki, understand.. thank you for answer
  9. need loan 0.005-0.01

    thank you
  10. need loan 0.005-0.01

    still active
  11. thank you @kristo and @memekispussy.. I'm idiot, API key is also in server answer... thank you again, I'm going to change it!
  12. Working with the Primedice API

    Thanks for API Dan, I have troubles with your API.. a lot of things not working or are not documented right for example: I can't register new user...
  13. Hi, I can't register user via API.. returnet message: and here is the code: $client = new \GuzzleHttp\Client(); $res = $client->request('POST', 'https://api.primedice.com/api/register?api_key=API_KEY', [ 'form_params' => [ 'username' => $username ] ]); print_r(json_decode($res->getBody())); @Dan
  14. need loan 0.005-0.01

    Hello, I'm requesting for 0,005 - 0,01 loan. request: 0,005-0,01 BTC return back: +20% in 72hours my PD account: antiS89 (13,2btc wagered) or antiS (2,4btc wagered) (total deposits around 0,6btc) thank you, if you make me an offer.