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  1. .005 loan

    loan for gambling? oh man.. don't do it
  2. good luck PD: antiS89, Stake: antiS
  3. 500k -0.12 balance:)

    77.77% change and all in? strong balls :)... wish u luck edit: omg omg omg... I try it for fun with all in: Bet:18,250,980,848
  4. Hello... this is sad story.. I have been muted for 1 hour on chat, because of spam (I forgot send my message via PM). And before my mute was trying luck in "hit 55.55" competition... so, I hit 55.56, (Bet:18244543143), but because I'm mutted I cant send message with my tip to chatbot I think, I could be the winner It's so sad.......
  5. good luck man PD: antiS89
  6. good luck man
  7. please delete

    please delete this post
  8. please delete

    Ok, I understand....
  9. not working.... oh sorry.. in 10 minutes I'm blind
  10. #19 guess the score for 50k

    Roma 2 - 3 Juventus winner juventus
  11. doubling up 5x

    I like your strategy, but it is not for long... here is some info: playing time: 7minutes deposit before start strategy: +-0.00013216 initial bet: 0.00000002 total wagered: 0.00003478 BTC total profit: 0.00001922 BTC total wins: 43 total losses: 144 max bet: 0.00000512 BTC deposit after end: 0.00015138 BTC max losses in row: 16