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  1. Primedice Loyalty Giveaway

    username: anan3169 thanks
  2. Username: anan3169 Thanks For Giveway!
  3. STREAM #5 Stake

    good luck! twitch: ananinki3169
  4. [Edward] Streaming - Making it Rain!

    good luck! stake username is: anan3169
  5. Dont Do It at Home!

    bust section is not
  6. Dont Do It at Home!

    about 1 month ago when i lose all my wallet about 0.04BTC I changed ETH and get some profit about 0.01 And Puted 200k For after withdrow play after win i wanted to withdrow but bust all Hope It will not be at all you Friends! Good Luck All and Hope Big Profits!
  7. Stop and Don't

    hahaha Funny
  8. 3 Man on a Plane

    haha lol nice!
  9. TIP Soccer:UEFA EL Everton - Hajduk Split

    i think 2-0 Everton will win
  10. How do you feel about the death penalty?

    Death Penalty i dont like
  11. Roll roll 12.34 Giveaway

    Thanks For The Giveway! Let us try
  12. All in opposite side

    ouu so UnlUcky