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  1. Duck Dice (new faucet system)

    Ok thanks for the informing me, not as active as I should be on this forum hence my lack of knowledge here. Well will that said I will be making my post soon.
  2. Duck Dice (new faucet system)

    Wow I didn't know that one can advertise about another site here and post referral links!
  3. Congratulations Micro your the man, this promotion was always in the oven now its bake and ready. Well deserved my friend, I remember from 2014 on Primedice you as a Mod everyone's favorite mod too always receptive never loses his cool fair and reliable. With those credentials aint no stopping you, I speak for everyone just look at all the kind comments all members have to say. I know your in corporate now, just dont go changing on us now stay Micro.
  4. What's your favorite movie Genre?

    Suspense thriller my favorite genre
  5. Some of what you ppl are saying is very upsetting about no faucet! That's crazy many of us here have suffered huge losses over the years, the evidence is there red negative! Of which may take sometime to recover and put back in green positive. Ain't nothing wrong in giving a little back so we may have a chance to recoup a little, ain't nothing wrong in giving a little start to a newbie, who needs to try it out and learn a little prior to depositing.
  6. Sniper Mode Vs Auto mode

    Have to mix the two with a twist manual 40% Auto 60%
  7. Favorite Cryptocurrency

    I agree with everyone that it would be nice for primedice to have thier own coins. Stunna needs to look into this.
  8. BTC will go $5000?

    Well it has proven itself to be dominate in all factors, won't be surprised it goes toward 5,000 in fact I welcome it
  9. Your Username

    Random yet unique I have different user name on PD than forum here.
  10. upmor I always wanted to participate
  11. 11.6 Bitcoins in one roll

    High risk high rewards
  12. Very informative post here, what were those other paid forums you talked about, pls give the names? dont recall you mentioned them at any time.
  13. Great community here of course I have had my fear share of tips. To the topic at hand, what do you consider as awhile? I think I have not played in 3days now. This is merely because of working overtime too busy. That was recent however I can recall last year I didn't play for like 7 months straight!