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  1. How can i avoid gambling because PD is always running in my head and it is hard for me to do not play and i knew it is addiction please give me some advice on how lessen this addiction.
  2. But in your opinion how do we get out at PD or lessen the spending time?
  3. I admit that its hard to adjust at first for the meantime but later you realise its seems nothing.
  4. Keeping on self limits they can save as from addiction in additon to make us responsible enough in gambling ang hitting the bad streak its hard to where we find some money to make our capital in order to play here, keep on limits alway's it can save us a friendly reminder from your fellow player's
  5. I disagree because if you lost sometimes you dont gave a try causein your mind you lost it again.
  6. If you ask me if i withdraw i said no bacuase when is fate is stronger is your winning is highly wagerble.
  7. No! Its all about your choice because prime is still ther when you need to amuse but not your working hours or family time.