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  1. get a think about parkinson, alzheimer.
  2. and dogs get nervous when the owner drink alchool :))) i friend told me that.maybe depends of the rase.
  3. On red district on Amsterdam such a tourist on every weekend.
  4. edward is true that you are now on a yacht with stunna and alot of p0rn stars ?
  5. i changed title to "i was hacked".
  6. ok guys. i 'll be back !
  7. I am mad because i dont recived a compensation, i recived almost nothing. I loss money here, before to win 0,4 eth i loss 50 $ in btc. I feel that i am not respected here. I am from 2014 here and a full compensation of that i loss hacked was enough for me. But i don t recived...
  8. o recived less than 10 $ Milan in total. 33 k satoshi bitcoin , and small amounts.i give btc like a example. i just want back 0.4 eth that i won.
  9. I am a old user. I loss money here since 2014. Today I lost 50 dollars in bitcoin, and after 5 min I remember that i have 0.08 eth. I catch 9 900 x and I won 0.4 eth but somebody wd all money instant without know who. Not mine...I was hacked. I loss here huge money and support don t want to give me only a small bonus. less than 10 $. Is fair ? And show me a france vpn ip that hacked me. Please look at my stats. I not a noob. I want my 0.4 eth back.
  10. I plan to buy a labrador. I choose dog.
  11. Owning Mahowny (2003) I recommand it !