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  1. Bet: 40,180,990,786 placed by Pommes on 28/10/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 1100.00x Profit 0.00109900
  2. My greatest win was about 500k satoshis, its not much but i play with small amounts and for this is it a huge hit ::D
  3. For me is it like a relaxing time i work the whole day and at the evening im coming home and gamble a bit, after some rolls i go to bed.
  4. When i used the vault, i made it like this: Bank 0.0004 Vault: 0.0002 and everytime when i made profit around 50000 satoshis, i put it in the vault try it like this if you want
  5. i think slowly is everytime the best way to win! It's the same like in real life, when you stress its no good for your health
  6. The problem is when you hit in the preroll the high mulitplier is it not that what you want, it can also at the start so try it without prerolling!
  7. try it, but not risky! When you have the chance to make more of the tip so try but slow and constantly
  8. I think the mixture of both makes it really special Also because the price is not everytime at the same spot ;D
  9. I used the vault before, but now not anymore. I let the money all on the bank and when i need a bit, i withdraw it
  10. i everytime lose when i play on a high payout