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  1. My main goal if I would get 1btc would be to trade half of it and save the rest for future purposes and wait for bitcoin to increase its value again.
  2. I think it had already gone below $2000 as we speak. And I think it'll go down even more..
  3. Maybe they are just too focused on playing. I myself don't chat a lot and haven't really played that much too. Some gamblers are too focused and doesn't want any distractions too. ?
  4. I'm a proud single mom and I salute to all parents out there who raised their kids on their own, it is not easy being a parent but it is very rewarding to see them grow up but I'll keep my daughters' picture in private. ?
  5. Yes, mostly all the members of my family knows about bitcoin.
  6. That sucks! That happened to me a long time ago, regret it and never used the 90% all in manual bet ever again.. Better luck next time then.
  7. A couple of days ago I dreamt about Bitcoin, my mom asked me how'd her trading go (she invested some and made her a different account so she could do trading, supposedly but never happened) because she said she saw them on the local news that Bitcoin will pump and increase it's value on November. Then I woke up in the middle of the night and couldn't sleep back because I was wondering if it was this year or next. It seems so real and sometimes dreams come true. Have you ever had those kind of dreams though?
  8. Sabi ng karamihan mas maganda at secure daw pag naglagay ka ng 2FA sa wallet mo, pero hindi ko sigurado if pwede bang maglagay ng 2FA sa coins.ph ba?
  9. I usually would be silent and take a shower to wash off the bad vibes and it really works for me.
  10. I currently don't have problems with my coins.ph account, have been withdrawing a couple of times already but I'm putting them directly in my bank account because there are no fees and all.
  11. I love the title, it's epic! But sad to say they beg for a reason right? I'm sure they won't beg if they had enough.
  12. Nicol3

    Dream Job?

    My dream job was to travel around the world and get paid.
  13. I thought I was the only one excited about this series, a lot are cpunting the days till its new season. Can't wait too.