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    zkshawn reacted to zale023 in JACKPOT POSSIBLE   
    It has been suggested many times that there should be a system to automatically detect when someone has won and hit the jackpot. I hope they will give attention to it and there will be an improvement. We all ask for the same change @sourc3code
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    zkshawn reacted to zale023 in Primedice Nightmode Survey   
    The Primedice Nightmode feature was released on May 25. A month have already passed and I'm curious if everybody is still using it. I'm still using the nightmode everytime I play. It's more eye friendly compared to normal interface.
    Are you guys still using the Nightmode?

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    zkshawn reacted to zale023 in Attendance mga Pinoy   
    I post ang mga username dito para malaman kung sino ang mga Pinoy sa forum! Inaanyaya kong mag post ang lahat ng Pinoy! Puso Filipino! 
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    zkshawn reacted to zale023 in When luck is in your hands but you dont have much   
    Hey guys! Just want to share some of my insights on gambling.
    So here you go! Sometimes I just can't understand and tell when will I get lucky. I was having a great faucet runs with 2x payout. Man I wish I could have rolled with bigger bets

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    zkshawn got a reaction from mgod in bitcoin milionario   
    sa pagkakaalam ko yong iba merong mga hawak 100+ btc or more.. ang yayaman na nga nila tapos trader pa... sarap nun!
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    zkshawn reacted to zale023 in btc store in the philippines   
    Meron outlet dito malapit sa barangay namin. Nagulat nga ako kasi may label sila na bitcoin sa store nila. Nakakamangha lang kasi di naman masyo marami may alam sa bitcoin dito.