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  1. This is not new in the gambling world.. Just watch your favorite movie or series or go out with you family or friends.
  2. I think the YOLO strategy doesn't help all the time hahaha
  3. I am more on slowly but surely.. but someones I go all in and as what as expected I bust haha
  4. oo masakit talaga kaya dapat hinay hinay lang.. wag lagi all in baka mawala bigla lahat e
  5. i don't the boys will be interested if the reward is only 1k sats.
  6. okay trying this one out now.. lets see if i will win
  7. yes bitcoin is really unpredictable
  8. same here pero wala nmn ako pang bili kahit 1btc pero basta makabili kahit .5 okay na...
  9. Greed...every gamblers problem
  10. this is risky bro... but there is no harm in trying i guess it would be better to have big bankroll with this strat
  11. that is already big amount since you only have 100 sats in your bankroll.. congrats!
  12. Well I hope that will happen.. but as of now btc is going down and also the altcoins.
  13. Agree with this... I hope to see a lot of participants
  14. agree with you bro... i will apply your advice next time
  15. We really can't trust anyone especially online... Who would have thought that an VIP player will scam a lot of people here in PD.. I hope he will find time to explain and he will pay all of you guys.