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  2. keian

    I regret it.

    i hate having greediness in our nature
  3. https://forum.primedice.com/topic/35637-i-regret-it/
  4. Does Anyone here regrets having a very bad decision? Hmmmmm.... I guess we all have a bad decision and almost kill ourself at the end. Well here is a story of my very bad decision in gambling. I was so lucky in gambling since october last year to january this.Almost all deposits i made in all gambling site wins.I Started from just 16 Litecoin and make it to 80 litecoins in 3 months. How do i make it? Well i am one of the player who you can say is a very carefull one.I just cant afford to lose that is why. I Decided to play my money and plan of making it BIg,i Deposited all of my 16 LTC and played with a goal.My goal is just to make or win small amount with my big deposit.I deposited,played and withdraw thats my routine for almost 4 months and it is quite succesful, I manage to earn 64 LTC with that game style.I was so happy,My strateges did not fail me untill i made a wild decision of increasing my target amount of LTC. I wanted to have 100 LTC last february.I stick to my style, i deposited 16 LTC first and unfortunately lose it all in accidental bet, I put 1.5 in chance instead of payout and click the max button and roll button without double checking it and as expected it is losing bet.I cant accept it.i made a mistake and so i decided to deposit my remaining LTC to recover what i lost but it was really a bad day,i lose it all,my money is gone,My patience and hard work for 4 months were wasted.The things i wanted to buy with my money were pusponed and seeing the increasing price of LTc now makes me feel so bad.I regret everything i made on that day.I regret being greedy!
  5. wanna win like this joun us in duckdice.io
  6. im a moderator and a support agent there and yes it is posible to withdraw winnings from faucet as long as you dont break any of their term
  7. Wanted to put your alt coin at risk,play at https://duckdice.com/92a5b746a8 and get 20% percent rake back from referal commission. Duckdice supports bitcoin and alt coins like Doge,Ltc,Eth,Bch,Dash,Xmr. Contact me (Mod mharckie) in their live support if you sign up under my link. note that referral commission counts only on deposited money only.
  8. ill pick #12 happy new year to you and your family too.
  9. Earlier DuckDice opened a redesign project for a public use and today we've added it to our main domain! We hope that you will like DuckDice new look and we are looking forward to see you in the game. havent had Duckdice.io account register here https://duckdice.io/?c=57a744dbae and ill give back 50% of ur house edge ((wager amount * 1% housedge*10% ref commission)*50% = your rebate ..(note:ref com only applies on deposited money) comment ur username here or pm me in duckdice user name mharckie And the thing which many of you have waited for some time is:DuckDice introducing Bitcoin Cash (BCH)
  10. sad thing is this.,it hurts when u are chasing the whole month and it came out when u are try to make ammo
  11. i was hunting 9999 for 1 month (i posted here before) and suddenly i have an instinct that i will hit payout 990 and boom it all come true., Lesson:Never doubt your instinct For those who wanted to try their instinct:https://new.duckdice.io/?c=57a744dbae