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  1. yeah.. maybe it will happen
  2. religion in my own word is just a commitment made by man to follow
  3. You are my religion by Firehouse hehe joke, for me its born again because....... to not offend other religion it secret
  4. Hi guys, Is drinking softdrinks everyday safe?
  5. I'l lower the price of goods and transportation and increase the wages of the workers who have heavy jobs compared to those in offices
  6. my life and my parents whose always there for me
  7. for me its just okay, Its what they feel ,we cant judge them, We are free to live what we want in this world for us to be happy so it depends to them also
  8. wow, gotta try it.. thanks for the screenshots ;D
  9. I just saw it from the web, is it trully the most worst drug now turning human like a zombie?
  10. soulfoul909 My best Prime Dice memory is when I bet what all I have and that's just from my faucet yet its still big about 1M satoshi but my pay out was just 2x and I close my eyes before clicking bet and luckily I won, wish I have make the pay out 5x hehe
  11. For me, its hard to try hehe ;D
  12. Yeah..! I'm a super-duper Pro-Duterte..!
  13. For me its hotdog specially with bigger sizes