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  1. I tried to play on stake and deposit love the keno. because i love numbers but i play much longer on dice.
  2. When i win and yet continue to play then lost and after that i will blame myself for being so greedy. haha.
  3. Maybe it will reach $4000 soon and i think some user are buying bitcoin too that's why the demand for bitcoin is high which result to high price.
  4. I will still remain with btc. btc will fly high
  5. Username: born2win Joined date: 12.11.2015
  6. Join now https://goo.gl/XINPrn to have a chance to win the jackpot or the daily contest.
  7. You should stop playing because you gain too much profit. Remember that if you continue playing for long hours the chance of your bankroll to lose is high.
  8. Username: born2win thanks Time to find my numbers 22 bet:18,011,061,436 bet:18,012,587,198 bet:18,012,739,350 bet:18,014,665,599 bet:18,015,020,911 bet:18,015,491,804 bet:18,015,702,197 bet:18,015,964,888 bet:18,016,504,610 bet:18,017,297,718 bet:18,045,008,681 bet:18,045,948,032 bet:18,046,866,167 bet:18,060,702,600 bet:18,062,065,461 bet:18,062,758,441 bet:18,077,483,226 bet:18,096,767,889 bet:18,097,155,392 bet:18,110,981,183 bet:18,115,249,813
  9. Lucky Games update Wallet Status Page Active Referrals Status New Coin Eth Classic Auto mode (The limit "Stop if bet amount over" was added.You can use up to 5 decimals in "Increase" and "Decrease" fields.) Roulette "x2" and "/2" options were added. Game Settings Animation (off/on) option is available. Lots of you guys have been waiting this feature from the beginning "MAX" option now includes the maximum bet amount on each cryptocurrency. Update: We have raised the maximum bet amount up to 0.5 BTC FAQ: The list of minimum and maximum bet amounts on each cryptocurrency was added. Chat: Welcome a brand new Game bot (every 2 hours). Spanish and Indonesian rooms were added. Friends: You are able to see which of your friends are online. Register now to play! https://goo.gl/XINPrn https://goo.gl/XINPrn
  10. You have trolled many users. i thought you win too but seeing this post on humor. I got pawned too.