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    kittwolfe got a reaction from CryptoDadlol in Real Life Pictures!   
    Me December last year.

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    kittwolfe got a reaction from Veronica89 in 📢 Faucet Redesign Ideas   
    Edward[/member] , I think of another idea..
    There is a dice with 1-6 dots then a player will choose 3 from it then roll the 1 dice.
    If the roll wins. the amount of the satoshi that can be claim will increase.
    you can roll again to have it increase again.
    But if you lost you will get the normal amount of faucet claim.
    same thing when your first roll lost, normal amount of faucet will be claimed.
    what do you think?
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    kittwolfe reacted to Katarina in Bitcoin Fabulous Bingo!   
    Hey there! 
    I moved the topic to the Suggestions section.  
    Thank you for the assistance @UltraChief !
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    kittwolfe got a reaction from Noahbreezy in "Your online gambling wins might be taxable" you agree?   
    Government be like.. Wooo taxes everywhere.
    your salary, the goods you buy,transportation,land owned tax wtf?!
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    kittwolfe reacted to Dan in 📢 Pay Per Post is Back!   
    Hi All,
    It is with great pleasure that we announce the return of Pay Per Post to the Primedice Community. Previously we had issue's with the quality of content and the abuse of the system, but those times are now gone! We have revamped the system to take into account the following factors:
    Existing Post Count & Rank - The more content you post, the greater your payout. Length of Topic/Post - Short and meaningless topics/posts will no longer receive credits. Copywriter/Plagiarism Check - Your post is processed to ensure its not stolen. Warn Level Factor - Your warning's influence the payout ratio per topic/posts. Forum Filter - Only certain areas of the forum produce forum credits. These will change over time, and will be something you have to hunt on your own. We have also added a couple of other nifty features under the hood to help properly reward those users who have shown existing participation and influence in the community. I hope with this update we can see the growth of the community grow bigger and better once more!
    For further explanation of how the system works, see this topic:
    All information on how Pay Per Post works, and how to cash out your satoshi, visit this topic:
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    kittwolfe reacted to sourc3code in Best way to buy BTC in MY Experience   
    Hey bud, good to see you too =) Nope, havent heard from Burstdie in forever =/ I still have his email, might try emailing him today and see whats been going on with him. Anyhow, thanks for the vouch and I'll let ya know if I hear from him!
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    kittwolfe got a reaction from Bojana in Thank the forum itself   
    I think the purpose of the forum to is to have a place where players can share there thoughts and idea about Primedice and Bitcoin.
    It also establish strong bond from players to the site and players to players since they can get along more, aside from that forum is also used as other token system to reward deserving players.
    What do Primedice get for creating a forum, it atttact new players to the site and make players to stay more since forum is such an ideal place for sharing thoughts.
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    kittwolfe reacted to rack001 in 3 Man on a Plane   
    Hahaha LOL nice one man ! especially the last one farted thingy was awesome !  
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    kittwolfe reacted to Edward in 📢 Make PD Forum Great Again!   
    Looking for suggestions on to make Primedice more fun for users. Lately activity has dived and I'd love to hear some new features from the current community you'd love to see. 
    @dan will review these & come up with some great ways to make the forum more entertaining. In the mean time keep an eye out for some awesome announcements coming in the next 48 hours. 
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    kittwolfe reacted to ullikah in Corrupt Politicians   
    I'd say, be your own charity and go and devide all the money you've hacked equaly amongst the poorest you can find.
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    kittwolfe got a reaction from PARANORMAL in I am PARANORMAL   
    Hi Paranormal, Nice to meet you
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    kittwolfe reacted to Vladimir in PrimeDice Display Issue   
    Hello Kittwolfe,
    I tried to recreate this issue under same conditions as you described, in my case everything work flawless.
    Would you please check what is your browser version and send to us, also check if you have any extensions installed which can cause the problems.
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    kittwolfe reacted to hui in The Primedice Palindrome Hunt! [Up to 0.5 BTC in prizes!]   
    There is a new contest on Bitcointalk:
    This is our most complex one - I hope you like it as much as we like it!
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    kittwolfe reacted to Stunna in Hey, Stunna here.   
    Hey everyone!
    I've been lurking around lately but I thought I'd stick my head in around here and check out this awesome forum you've all got going. 
    For those of you that don't know me I've been involved with bitcoin for quite some time and Primedice since day one. I'll be floating around and collecting content feedback and suggestions and will then work to bring them live.