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  1. My oldest memory when I was playing Primedice is seeing you @Edward doing the Attendance Tip of 100k satoshi to those who are active in chat and it was my first tip that I've received. I remember that you do the visit at least twice or once a week.
  2. Bitcoin or Cash doesn't matter on me as long as both have its value. there is one example here that salary are paid in BTC and not cash, as far as I know Moderator and Support of Primedice are paid in BTC. @Kristoffff am I right?
  3. Username: KittWolfe Thanks Edward, Happy Holidays !
  4. This is a great Giveaway but is the highest prize is only 0.05 btc? I think it is very risky since it requires 1k satoshi min bet. Just an opinion..
  5. Hey mates, found this one on the bitcointalk.org forum, https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2513011.0 He's looking for someone to consult to regarding on how to start a Bitcoin Gambling Site and said he is willing to pay for the consultation. I bet someone here is qualified and had been part of a gambling site can help him. Thanks
  6. I always check btc price time to time but one thing is for sure when it goes down you better ride it so you can make it to the top!
  7. I'll post some pics later regarding the idea on how it will work.
  8. PrimeDice Christmas Concept Fan Art would be nice. I'm up with this one, what can you say @Edward
  9. HI mates, I came to an idea if there is a possibility to have a Bitcoin Bingo Gambling Site, Is it possible? A different kind of Bingo! I have a lots of idea in my mind and I like to share it too, what can you say about this @Edward
  10. Yeah same to my bills its due. hahaha, nvm just have to be positive to lessen the struggle. the pickpocketter is the one I hate the most because I have to suffer for my lost budget and esp the IDs I have there.
  11. Hi guys, just wanna share my worst day ever happened to me. Well I was playin the dice with the starting balance of 400k sats(nov 24) but it goes down to 90k sats but still I do roll slowly with 4.5x and 99x combination. I'm a 99x hunter and if there is a primedice stats that tells how many 99x I've hitted maybe its 1/4 or 1/3 of the win stats. hehehe lol goin back to the bankroll, I've made it up to 0.012 btc by hitting 99x using 666 and 1332sats bet and after that I went to sleep. the next day nov26 before I go to work I've played it again and been unlucky to go down 0.0109btc and when I got to my office I've checked it again to play but as I open my bankroll was lost?! I check the rolls if it was rolled mistakenly but it is not, I've check the transactions and there it is a withdrawal of 0.0109btc with the date of Nov26 and still can't believe it. I've chatted @Milan to ask for assistance found that my acct was hijacked.. :'( I felt so devastated that time because of what happened but still need to keep positive since I'm at work so it won't affect my productivity stats. @ravenyvolle and @Milan gave me a tip, to play and recover but I failed. after my work as I am on my way home. I found my wallet missing.. damn. it was pickpotted!! ? I feel so angry because my id's and payroll card was there and my money and remaining budget for the next payday of Dec 5th. and not only that It was also 14days away before my 25th Birthday. That is why I will never forget this day Nov26 as my worst day ever..?? but anyway. Thank you very much Sir @Milan for the fast and kind response and also for the cheer up. and @ravenyvolle thank you baby steps for the cheer up and tip. hehe note: to the other players who haven't set a 2fa code to there account, I advise you to enable it since it can protect your account and avoid what happened to me. lesson learned. Well, lets call it a day! Cheers Primedice?
  12. hahahaha, this one got me LoL bathing in nuttella
  13. I know that feelin to @ravenyvolle i got my 50k free satoshi and made it to 490k satoshi then flush down to zero greed really sucks