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    vladiz reacted to Bimfo in [#1] Primedice 0.09 LTC Giveaway!   
    Great initiative from you sir. 
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    vladiz reacted to williamsh in [#1] Primedice 0.09 LTC Giveaway!   
    Great giveaway! It's true what you said, we can all do with some extra coins right now during this time in the world. Thanks
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    vladiz reacted to DarkBlood096 in [#1] Primedice 0.09 LTC Giveaway!   
    Hello everyone!
    It's been a very long time, I used to offer weekly giveaway's to many users in the Stake community, but it's time to make Primedice great again! 
    So today and for the rest of this week, I'm sharing 0.09 Ltc!
    Place a comment here and you will share a portion of a prize (It's that easy!) Minimum post count must be at least 30. Users will share 0.09 LTC. Please ensure your quality of your post is decent, don't just spam for this free money. I know just how difficult these times are for everyone especially trying to find a little bit of free money during this crisis. I want to take this time to say that I appreciate each and everyone that comes to Primedice and Stake.
    I've been helped along the way and this is my way to help you all out!
    It's really that simple, are you ready to make some money today?
    This giveaway starts now in which to end  on Sunday 23:59 GMT +0!
    Current Entries: 
    I want to ensure that the next giveaway brings in some new rules so I can disregard those that are potential alts. This should not affect legitimate users that are active in the community.
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    vladiz reacted to stevenwonder in This is the best gambling strategy I’ve ever used   
    Many of you always ask, “I need a good strategy, can someone help?“ or something that is similar to asking people for help in what I assume is basically asking for a successful plan to walk away with profit. I don’t assume most of you are asking because you want to know how to have fun with the entertainment form of gambling. You should already know how to do that but what you want to know is how to turn your losses into wins. Here is the best advice you’ll hear: take everything you planned on gambling and do it on one roll. It’s statistically the best way to do it, because the more rolls, the more you lose. If it’s about having fun, that’s a different story altogether but solely for the purpose of a strategy that could be the most favorable for the player, it’s to only play one hand/roll. 
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    vladiz reacted to Sraboni in 📢 Social Media Promotion! Earn free BTC   
    Thanks for the opportunity but my question is should I comment on all the post made on this month or week? 
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    vladiz reacted to biggad in Оплата активности (посты, топики) на форуме   
    В общем ты меня не прочитал. И не перечитал свои посты на которые я тебе отвечал. Дальше не вижу если честно смысла говорить на эту тему лично с тобой) если ты не хочешь увидеть текст и что в нем написано то я не стану раз за разом что то пытаться донести до тебя. На это сообщение прошу не отвечать. Бессмысленное общение когда один не пытается открыть свои глаза. Дальнейшие бесполезные ответы я просто буду удалять , если человек не вникает в текст то дальнейший диалог буду считать спамом.
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    vladiz reacted to jamyr in Primedice and Stake?   
    Primedice was established back in 2013, whilst stake was  launched august 07 or 08 2017.

    Primedice is pure dice, while stake offers more games for people who may have grown bored with dice, (lol)
    Below are OP's of primedice and stake, done by its parent Stunna.
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    vladiz reacted to Riad Ahmed in Newbie   
    Hi,my name is Riad Ahmed..i am new here so i need some friend who cam guide me goodly and help me to be a good member here...give some basic knowledge about this forum❤
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    vladiz reacted to Bimfo in Newbie   
    Welcome. Follow the rules and do not spam. Be active on the site, you will always make some coins.
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    vladiz reacted to Chikou1306 in Newbie   
    welcome to the most amazing community , enjoy your time here, dont hesitate to ask for help if you have question, best of luck and remember, play only with what you can afford to lose  
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    vladiz reacted to sheenaz.bay in How do you try to keep yourself in good health?   
    Having a healthy and fit body is everyone's desire, but many people are too busy working so they forget their own health. Actually to get a healthy and fit body is not difficult and also does not have to be expensive. The following tips so that the body is always healthy and fit:
    Every morning, try to always exercise regularly. This aims to maintain the condition of the body to always be healthy and fit.
    Eat a reasonable portion. In fear your body will be overweight and risky from diseases associated with obesity or obesity.
    Avoid fast food and alcoholic drinks.
    Increase consumption of vegetables and fruits.
    Fulfill fibrous food every day. Fiber foods are apples, carrots and nuts. The function of this fibrous food is to protect the body from bacterial attacks.
    Meet the needs of vitamin D. Because vitamin D serves to stimulate immune cells to drive viruses and bacteria. Vitamin D can be found in sunlight, eggs, liver and fish.
    Don't be late to eat when it's time.
    Drink at least 8 glasses of water / day.
    Do not smoke.
    Avoid sitting too long because it can make your body become tired quickly.
    And finally, adequate rest.
    From the tips above there are two things that are most important, namely eating vegetables and fruits and avoid sitting too long. Because one of the triggers that cause the emergence of deadly diseases such as cancer and heart actually results from your sitting habits that are too long. To compensate for this, experts recommend that you always eat healthy foods such as green vegetables and fruits. And don't forget not to smoke and drink alcoholic beverages because this is not very good for your body's health.
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    vladiz reacted to policewale in How do you try to keep yourself in good health?   
    to sleeeep well is to live will  hihih never forget to take care of yourself
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    vladiz reacted to AHCareP in How do you try to keep yourself in good health?   
    All methods and diet,to me personally, seem to be superfluous.If the diet is not all sorts of fatty fast foods.
    I was engaged in professional swimming and I will tell that water will tire and will form the person much more.I, myself, am 16 years 50-70 push-UPS were done on the bar 10-15.
    Now I do not do this, for personal reasons, but still my results remain the same, if not increased by 10-15 units.
    Just do, learn the technique and do not feel sorry for yourself!
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    vladiz reacted to bitboy26 in How do you try to keep yourself in good health?   
    your right op , push ups alone isnt enough because you need some other excersise as well to achieve an overall healthy body  . doing alot of push ups isnt going to make you you fit or shreded af  .  keep in mind that diet plays a big role   .
    in my case , im only doing stretches and exposing my body outside under the sun everymorning and i try to eat vegetables to keep me healthy .
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    vladiz reacted to CntryBoy in How do you try to keep yourself in good health?   
    I do this as well.  It helps to keep me from eating until I burst.  It is amazing how much a glass of water decreases your appetite.
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    vladiz reacted to JstLikeMagyk in How do you try to keep yourself in good health?   
    I go to the gym 6 times a week and maintain steady eating habits and routine these are the things that keep me sane tbh
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    vladiz reacted to CaptainLorca in How do you try to keep yourself in good health?   
    What I'd like add... drink a glass of water before each meal. Its a cheap little trick to avoid eating too much.
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    vladiz reacted to Yaronovich in Почему я выбираю "Прайм"?   
    мне кажется он во всем хорош  8) в чате есть хорошие люди, бывают что попадаются непонятные но это временно) дизайн приятный, легкий в использовании..... одни плюсы
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    vladiz reacted to Indigger in Почему я выбираю "Прайм"?   
    Итак, почему?
    - надежность, гарантированные выплаты
    - автоматические выплаты очень крупных сумм без всяких заморок
    - привлекательный дизайн
    - щедрые поддавки (giveaways)
    - свой классный форум
    - реактивная техподдержка
    - приятное общение в хорошо модерируемом чате
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    vladiz reacted to Cayenne78 in Почему я выбираю "Прайм"?   
    На счёт лучшего дайса, полностью согласен. Дизайн, сама игра, люди, которые то играют, все это заставляет возвращаться сюда каждый день.
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    vladiz reacted to lay666 in Почему я выбираю "Прайм"?   
    объективно, это лучший дайс в который я когда-либо играл
    за пол  года, у меня ни разу ни зародилось сомнение в его честности, что им кто то управляет,к то то его крутит  , наепывает меня
    он часто создает тебе иллюзии, ты в них тонешь и проигрываешь вот и все
    в остальном мы с ним один на один, я и праймдайс
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    vladiz reacted to Bitlol22 in Почему я выбираю "Прайм"?   
    Прежде всего гарантированный и быстрый вывод. Естественно удобный софт, немного минималистичный, но от того не менее функциональный. Хороший форум, розыгрыши  призов, викторины, есть стримы на этой площадке. Ну и попался первым  .
    Пока всем доволен.
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    vladiz reacted to MadCraft in Почему я выбираю "Прайм"?   
    Так я ж и говорю главное, что сайт выполняет все свои функции и интерфейс понятен для ребенка, зашел - увидел - победил ну или проиграл =)))
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    vladiz reacted to MadCraft in Почему я выбираю "Прайм"?   
    Поддерживаю, не хватает эмоций смайловых ни в чате ни на форуме.
    Хотя это не главное в казино, так-то сайт выполняет все свои функции.
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    vladiz reacted to Lexus19 in Почему я выбираю "Прайм"?   
    Мне тоже интерфейс понравился , чат , смайликов бы в чат добавить было бы супер .