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    AlexKen reacted to UltraChief in Unequal Chat Handling   
    Hello @AlexKen,
    The first thing you should do is link your primedice account to your forum account so staff can recognize which account on primedice is using this account. - https://forum.primedice.com/topic/24059-how-to-link-your-primedice-account/
    Now coming to the problem at hand, the most likely reason is that there needs to be a minimum number of members active in the chat to be eligible to receive rains. If you can, encourage the members to be more active and see if that makes any difference to the rain received.
    Also when you agree to someone's comments, use the upvote system to agree to their post instead of making a new post. Since you are new to the forum you would want to read the forum rules and guidelines which are linked in my signature.
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    AlexKen reacted to Iyahmo in Unequal Chat Handling   
    Hope this will resolve and fix soon. However, you can join english chatroom for a moment to receive rains while there is not enough active users in your own room. :)
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    AlexKen reacted to iulianbutanu in Unequal Chat Handling   
    Hmm interesting, but it could rain only the active guys, let' say there are 5, let's rain 5. That's how the bot should work, in any case the ammount rainned is most of the time less than a tip..so I don't get why only the english chat get the rain only
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    AlexKen reacted to Chikou1306 in Unequal Chat Handling   
    i am not a mod or a technical staff , but i think it is because the inactivity of that chat room ! we all know 10 players are able to receive the tips from rainbot ! so there must be at least more than 20 players in the chat room, because it doesnt make sence if the rainbot keeps tipping te same 10 members ( i doubt there is at least 10 players in the room ) ! i think this is why there is no rain in the portuguese chat room. 
    i think your english is very good ! if you are looking for some rains you can join the english chatroom as a temporary solution until the portuguese chatroom becomes more active