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    patriciabf01 got a reaction from windsfun in 🥇 [$2000] Duck Hunt 💰   
    Bet: 77,440,899,057
    placed by patriciabf01 on 26/01/2021
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    patriciabf01 got a reaction from windsfun in 🥇 [$2000] View from the Top ​🎲​   
    Bet: 76,000,971,113
    placed by patriciabf01 on 11/01/2021
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    patriciabf01 reacted to UltraChief in Hello   
    Hello and welcome to the primedice forum. Make sure to read the forum rules and regulations and if you have queries feel free to ask. Look around the forum and make sure to post constructively to avoid getting your posts removed. Good luck on your rolls.
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    patriciabf01 got a reaction from UltraChief in Hello   
    hello I'm new here my name is patricia, and I hope to get many friends ... I heard a lot of my friends talking about the forum I hope I have renewing experience ❤️