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  1. 7 positions only? you presume just one partner at a time.
  2. If you getting a sex change probably better you get both done at the same time.
  3. there are many ways to make animation ideas I have no shortage of those.
  4. You say you are not wagering or chatting, these are the only two activities you can engage in on site. You want to be rewarded for being online 24hrs a day?
  5. All bonuses are calculated in dollar amount at the time you earned those and then the exchange is calculated based on that. That seems to me to be the fair way to do that.
  6. Good luck with your strategy. When you say... "I note where the system is going with the first 100 bets" Do you mean the first 100 bets on a seed?
  7. When you say our God... which of the 800 Gods of the recognised religions worldwide are you referring to?
  8. the poll is not about attractiveness.
  9. Existing UI (on win turned on) proposed change (on win turned on) Reason for proposed change: It is standard practice in UI design to give clear feed back to a user, particularly in a situation where the user may suffer negative consequences due to oversight. In this instance Primedice have deviated from standard practice in UI Design. This is either intentional or due to negligence from the original designers. Any reasonable person would expect that a fair website would not intentionally take money from players due to poor UI design or human error. To leave the UI as it is currently is eventually going to result in legal issues. Particularly when Primedice have been clearly notified of the issue. To avoid claims and legal action I would recommend the UI be modified to align with basic UI professional practice.
  10. Above you can see the menu for the various functions available in the advanced betting. There is no function to add or subtract from payout multiplier. there is: win chance bet amount switch side Stop autobet there is no function or condition there that facilitates changes to payout multiplier.
  11. No, this is simply not correct. It is very obvious that "Increase bet amount or decrease bet amount" are concerned with bet amount. My point is that the basic bet panel requires a multiplier condition, the auto bet requires a multiplier condition, even the official roll hunts specify winning targets as a multiplier. The default position for the Advanced Betting would be to include multiplier as a condition as it is there both in manual and auto betting panels. My question is why did the devs remove it from the Advanced Betting when it is clearly an important condition for wagering.