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  1. sure, open a new account, then guess what number is next. The rest is up to the casino.
  2. well I do have form... I understand your desire for an employable strategy, however I had no strategy except to play intuitively. Play any game of chance manually, long enough you will internalize the probabilities. That's what poker players do. It was a new seed and maybe just lucky that it was good for first 6000 bets.
  3. It appears that PD and stake keep the non-hashed server seeds for a limited time. If you don't take a note of the non-hashed version of your server seed, it may not be possible to retrieve it at a later date. I think it might be worth including the non-hashed server seed in the players bet archive, after the player changes seed. When some records are kept a long time (such as the archive) and others are not, and no time frame is specified, its going to confuse things for the player.
  4. I think you misunderstand the purpose of the chat box. The chat box is there to give signs of life to passing whales. Getting someone to deposit to a new site is not so easy, but if they see that a lot of people actively use the site, they are much more likely to think the site is safe to deposit on. That is the primary role of the chat box, any other use is secondary to that.
  5. 7 positions only? you presume just one partner at a time.
  6. If you getting a sex change probably better you get both done at the same time.
  7. there are many ways to make animation ideas I have no shortage of those.
  8. You say you are not wagering or chatting, these are the only two activities you can engage in on site. You want to be rewarded for being online 24hrs a day?
  9. All bonuses are calculated in dollar amount at the time you earned those and then the exchange is calculated based on that. That seems to me to be the fair way to do that.
  10. Good luck with your strategy. When you say... "I note where the system is going with the first 100 bets" Do you mean the first 100 bets on a seed?
  11. When you say our God... which of the 800 Gods of the recognised religions worldwide are you referring to?
  12. the poll is not about attractiveness.