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  1. just right click on it to download
  2. I made this 2 months ago it still makes me laugh
  3. The Current VIP level system is useful for Primedice as a method for measuring and classifying player value. This system of measurement allows Primedice to estimate the current and future dollar value of the existing player base. It also in turn helps Primedice management team to do strategic planning and forecasting of future profits. Aside from this it is also designed in such a ways as to encourage profitable behaviour and loyalty. Because you left for 2 years Primedice cant estimate your current value as a player, and would naturally be unsure of your loyalty to the site. In this context it would be irrational for Primedice to award you a VIP level as you may not be an appropriate fit for whatever level it is you feel you deserve.
  4. I disagree with paying people to post in the forums. The forum just gets filled up with mundane comments. If somebody is passionate enough about a topic they will post here regardless of the payment system. Those who care enough to respond will respond. THe number of postings will be less, but at least what remains will be genuine.
  5. That is incorrect, I know what I meant to communicate, the 5hrs spent making 6000 bets was a grind.
  6. hmm the largest bet I ever made was on a dice site last June I bet US$24,000 target was 10x
  7. In your game you may rely on luck which is your choice. But don't assume everyone relies on luck when they play.
  8. yes that was manual. I first studied dice on bustadice
  9. Luck is not a factor I ever consider, I have no control over that. For many players it's comforting to assume that success in a game like this is that it's all down to luck. As the alternative is not so palatable Manual-Auto I consider every bet placed, but I let the machine click the bet button for me. Sorry I thought I posted the link, maybe the forum forbids it?? I try again I amended the original post to include the link long form.
  10. Hi Guys, a few asking me about this so I thought Id pull the bet data together and post it. You can review all the bets here. Its a google sheets document, so It may be a bit slow loading. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/e/2PACX-1vTmDEiu-nLsQqQcDydtJS_iUzGdDMZ4sRQTVw34s4oWZHryb4RAdYPXY-wrNnnjaAHNX9Eua9Hd7w3A/pubhtml
  11. Although I enjoy hysterics in all it's forms I think there is one view on this, that hasn't been heard: Controversial it may be, but in balanced debate we must consider all viewpoints. Spare Change? Ghostnipple CEO BegAss (Beggar's Association, nothing to lose)
  12. In short No, because Libra is centralized and Facebook will be deputised to carry out surveillance, monitoring of its users and report back to the local government in each jurisdiction that it operates within. It legally must fulfill the requirements under KYC, therefore its not open / borderless / neutral / censorship resistant / permissionless / or secure. Facebook is a centralized organisation that exists under different jurisdictions, in which they are required to carry out KYC. As part of KYC they are required to identify and vet the participants of every transaction. So Libra must comply and therefore; It is not open to all, in order to use it you have to be vetted and approved, under the guise of KYC Its not borderless, they will have to comply with sanctions and embargoes, border and export controls and currency regulations. It will only serve a few countries (similar to paypal). Its not neutral, they are required to prevent transactions between any number of specified organisations and individuals in each jurisdiction. It is not censorship resistant: Censorship is a legal mandate required in each jurisdiction under KYC, Facebook will be required to report to the relevant state institution in each jurisdiction. It is centrally controlled, so permission is required by programmers and developers, if they want to utilize it in some application or software development project. Why do you think so many people hate paypal?