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  1. Thats really bad luck bro hope no one have this type of luck
  2. Y u play if u already win
  3. Its going down now its 1900$ pls dont go down
  4. Username: SardarG Date: 17.07.2017 19:14:22
  5. Oohh thats very sad bro maybe pd give u compensation in the end
  6. All green bro whats sad in this
  7. Take it out and have fun dont greed
  8. Very good u did very well hope u win more in future
  9. Now the price down but still they take more fees
  10. Hi cocakola welcome to pd and forum give us some drink hahaha
  11. Nice poem sofia u become writter
  12. In then all bust just because of greed
  13. I also have 99.99 twice in 30 bets but I didn't record that time
  14. Really bad luck bro but should withdraw tyat time