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  1. Fast and Easy transaction, Safe and Secure thank you so much for creating dina
  2. no, nothing yeah its disturbing when i play but if its for the good of the site its ok. I think they will not do that if they know we will be embarrass or we will be angry because of too many update. For me update is for us and to give us a better experience on the site. Just want to add them when they updating, what is the update, whats new or why they need to update maybe we will not be embarrass or get disturb because we know why hope they add that on next update ..
  3. actually im from philippines and im using coins.ph, but in my research i think coingecko is good, but its up to you sir. take care and good luck!.
  4. Hays, that jackpot alwasy in my dream. That 77.77 i rarely hit it just with a small base bet, can i get my half price or a 1/4 or 1/8 . This jackpot is only for the rich and brave people that dont need a money, like they giving it away haha, they want to hit jackpot just for fun, but for like me, it will always be a dream, a dream that will be a dream even your already dead i suggest you should change the requirements, no not easy but can make all of the gamblers have a chance ❤️.
  5. Rolled numbers need to contain at least two same digits. i think only 2 has same number to your other roll..
  6. sometime you get it in just 50 to 100 rolls but it depends on your bb and payout, i dont think any good strat will work, i get almost 300 reds in just 1 roll, if you think you will bust then try to stop, if you see a lot of wrong side try to change side, sometime it happened to me.. if you have a lot coins i think 1500-2000 reds will come, just be carefull and play safe good luck.
  7. No, they still the same. i just told them that this is just my part time easy to have money and easy to loss, hehe my wife is very supportive and always hoping that i won and we will go out and but something but that is just a dream because i really not depositing much hehe to scared to loss my hard work money, but still i love gambling, getting a new friends, excitement, enjoy and sad when you loss.. some of my family is not interested in gambling even i try to invite and explain them hahaha they laughing and think that i am crazy, lol hahaha but its ok. good luck to all
  8. yes it is hehehe but if your pay out is 1.0102x red is you luck just have some fun even you loss, dont be so stress be happy hehe luck will come if its your time to shine good luck!
  9. hellow, i think btc will jump at the start of 2020, btc is the highest coin amount till now and will go up for the next few years, second is ETH but i think xrp will make it too
  10. i think thats true, but it depends on the people who is gambling, like me no time to go in real casino and dont have enough money, i dont know what is the minimum amount you need to go inside, but like what you said, online gambling is more accesible easy to gamble, but easy to contrrol than when you are in the real casino, i have customer is pawning off hes phone just make recover hes loss and win more and i think after a few days or a week he make it and get hes phone back, after a few days or a week now he is pawning hes phone again. thats why i got curious and try to gamble but not in real casino but on online, i dont have guts to do it in real casino hehehe
  11. Happy Birthday 🎉 Dinabot, hope you'll have a great birthday Btw. Your name " Dinabot " what does it mean ? And where did it came from ?
  12. For me 2x is too risky and that risk makes you win a lot or bust a lot, it's up to you, I'm using it when my first open of my primedice app and like you im using it for my BTC too, I'm going to divide my BTC into 4 and try it for safety but no matter what you do if it is not your luck it is not, when I won 2 times I stop and go to my strategy, no matter how big or small it ok to profit is a profit and sometimes when I'm losing so much in automated betting I used it to, it is part of the game, it is part of strategy it's your how you use it, Good luck
  13. From the start of playing I was dreaming that I hit something big, something that I didn't expect to happen, always and always, even I'm awake still dreaming lol haha, before going to bed thinking about how it will happen or someone tip or fall from the clouds like rain ? Haha I know it was just 99.99% never gonna happen like hitting of 0.00/99.99%, but we don't know someday rish player become drunk and accidentally hit the magic button hahaha, btw just keep on dreaming, never lose hope, Good luck everyone