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  1. 1.01x is really both good and bad at wagering. Base on my experience 1.01x gives you a lot of wager if you have a lot of balance, if you dont have then dont make all in just to have a big base bet and thinkin about the more base bet the more wager, yes its true but again like what i said, it depends on your balance. But if you loss one or two just try to recover it with hunting a higher payout then continue your wager.. just dont all in, wager your balance what only you can. its like your being aggresive too like hunting a big pay outs.. and also it try to switch and focus good luck to us, take care and godbless! O:)
  2. im really confused, im hunting it for a long time just to hit it. but it just like hitting a low pay out to you. Do you always changing your seed ? or just because you have a lot of balance ?. but in you deposit 0.026 hitting 49.50x with base bet of 0.00055500 its like win or loss is ok, or just when your base bet is big you have more % of winning, morethan 50 rolls before i hit that 49.50x.. it really makes jealous, by the way congrats and good luck on your next rolls, hope you win a lot.. godbless
  3. hello pards i think around 5 bitcoin, because we all know theres so many gambler here in primedice, almost... maybe 60% of the player here won a lot everyday and withdraw or giving some to other players whos in need. But i know your thinking, someone of them losses the tip but... some of them win a lot again right ?. Another 20% is for the rain etc., and the other 10% is to forum that is what im thinking we dont know anything maybe they dont have profit, losses and bust like us 🤑 maybe its good if they add here in forum or in primedice i think that would be great to look
  4. yes its true, that dice is fair but, yeah, because of lossing ( oveer lossing ) were thinking not right, busting is because of our self. We are the one who is creating our luck to win and our losses. Sometime were just thinking like this that dice bot or pd is not fair to us, but that is just a theory hope it is not true good luck to us!. hmmm,. now i seee changing seed have more benefits but it still to our luck, if you change it right you will get a lot of profit but on the other side bad luck too, that can make you lose all of your coins beleiving it will hit because it a new one. yeah it is, but it will make you upset because you didnt hunt it lol its just a theory bro. but, are you sure ? your not thinkin about it ? even once ?. i know someetime your thinking about it too but if its not, its up to you. but for me luck is not just luck that will come to us, we are the one whos creating it so good luck to us! wish yiou all the best bro O:)
  5. Magic ? what kind of magic?, it is really exist ?. what kind of functionality are you talking sir ?. sorry i really cant understand the hotkey in primedice, i am not using it 😅 but maybe the magic your talking about is luck ? i am right ?. just keep on believing no matter what have a nice day, good luck!.
  6. im just new here in forum and dont know about that. i will try to figure it out soon, i only know about the time limit before you post another comment, but i dont know exactly what is it. just because im not really that have time to post many and comment just because i dont have enough experience to this kind of creating a good topic but trying my best to have more as i can. i hope someday we can know that. good luck! and have a nice day
  7. wow, if that so i dont think im overthinkin or being crazy about it im happy im not the only one who is thinking about it. Thank you for sharing that, im gonna check that on youtube wow thats a lot, hope i can make more than that and check if its true, good luck my friend, thanks for your time, godbless! O:) what ?? 😱 seriously ?. you didnt change it since when ? the day you created your account ?. actually i dont have it just a theory good luck to you and your seed hope you too have a great bonding
  8. Actually I love playing with btc, because it the biggest value and I think more profitable. but because it's just a small sats even deposit big money you can loss fast if you don't play well, so I decided to change to bch now I don't know about other coins, actually when I 1st play here in primedice I don't know about ripple it's true I ask them but they laughed at me, that is when I'm going to exchange
  9. careful man, you just atleast have a proof, do you have ? then i think support need to fixed this, they need to follow there rules or players will not trust supports anymore, if your correct.. have a nice day
  10. yeah i think they need to add that here and in pd, that would be really nice if they do that.. but for now while they were fixing that maybe you should just go in live chat for that take care!.
  11. i dont think so maybe or maybe not but if we were thinking like this were not trusting our site right ? but i trust them, that they are really fair to all of there players ❤️ wow thats really a lot go for it 1 mollion bets! thanks for sharing hope you can make it 😇 yeah and thats the reality hope on i can hit high pay out not lossing streak 🤑 🤣 yes you have, thank you for your time.
  12. wow thats really cool, i like it its unique ❤️
  13. that means you have a lot of balance ( just go with a flow ) so your saying what ever it takes loss or win its ok ? even you loss it all 🤑 i see 🤣 having fun while hitting the right or other sides is ok, but you having fun even yuo loss ? you crazy rich man sorry for the words 😁 ok if thats makes you happy, good luck to you, maybe you have a good job, thats why. but i dont have so im here to make some 😂 i will try it. thanks! take care and godbless! 😇
  14. You all doing great! i know you all, and you know it in yourself, if you think your not then try to be one do your best supports ❤️ just lik other said try to have some upgrade and make the site more beatiful..
  15. Now were talking about fairness, in my active client seed right now i have 30,372 total bets made with pair, but i think only 372 are fair jus kidding this is the only seed i made a lot of bets.. Do you really think dice bot recognize and learn all of your strategy that made us loss ? Refreshing our browser really help ? that dice bot erase or forgot about our strategy ? or Changing seed is the best way to do it ? and that Verify button ? do you use it ? since my 1st change seed i didnt use it, Do you think this is the way to become pro player or become rich here ? if that so im gonna use it and the most of all bothering to me is copy active client seed and the active server seed ( hashed ) what is the meaning of this two ? hays thats why im not changing seed now Its all really confusing right ? btw, what is the highest bet you did in a single seed ?