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  1. I have someone close to me who struggles with depression once in a while so I can empathize with how hard it is to deal with it. From my understanding it's in essence an issue with motivation so that's what makes it so hard to deal with internally. So it's necessary to have someone else to help you cope with it, although it can be extremely draining for that person also. What I've found is that basically any interaction, and most of all physical exercise is what matters the most to kick-start that recovery out of the abyss.
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    Hello Guys

    Hey hey! Welcome to Primedice! If you need help with anything or you're having some issues, feel free to hit us up on support. We're always around. 😄
  3. It's cats all the way for me. 😁 Dogs just require too much energy and a lot of upkeep, which is something I don't have. 😋
  4. Generally Marvel, but I must say I've been very pleasantly surprised by DC's Doom Patrol recently. It's wacky and way out there but I loved it. 😍Crazy Jane😍