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  1. How the query looks like to change the user's client or server seed @Dan
  2. Thank you yes it is due to token
  3. @Dan I got this message every time when i tried to place bet with graphql I treid other qutes like bet check it works fine but for placing bet it show message error permisson How i get permission { "errors": [ { "path": [ "primediceRoll" ], "message": "You are not allowed to do that", "errorType": "permission", "data": {} } ], "data": null }
  4. { "errors": [ { "path": [ "primediceRoll" ], "message": "You are not allowed to do that", "errorType": "permission", "data": {} } ], "data": null } I got this messege whenever i tyn the graphql code
  5. I am new to programing Please can you tell How i ahutenticate with token in javascript And place bet in javascript In my browser counsel I serched many sites on google but didn't help.