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  1. more coins is always better for players but remember PD also have to make sure that they can pay the withdraws of those coins and some of them mgiht not have stable prices , and after all does it really matter if you are playing with abc coin or xyz? they are all numbers on screen that you have to convert to real life currency if you want to spend them,
  2. lifes not fair you need money to make money and races is all about who bets more you cant make it fair for people with small bankrolls they have better luck to win on challenges and giveaways
  3. great post but i will lie if i say i believe it 100% there are always winners in gambling but the number of losers is much more this is why sites continue to exist, however the dream to win big is why we all gamble and stories like this give us the hopes thats its possible
  4. Bet: 36,472,972,528 placed by jerrah on 11/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000001 Multiplier 9900.00x Profit 0.00009899