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  1. 😀😀 haii friends I found the best sites in this world... JUST-DICE.COM this sites allowed user to invest and playing...BE the bank! 1000% return since 2014 I joined
  2. My friends I am keepit since 2014 ... feel free visit me on channel slow cooker bill... Thanks & regards Keepit
  3. First of all I would like to say thanks you so much for reading my post regarding for better future in primedice...I been here since 2014 and everyday make rolling with deposited and tipsy...it's very hurt my feelings to see people stressful after losing it..my point is here if people staying in primedice 24 hours a days should be get something...we pay for electric we pay for essential..I hope admin doing happy hours sometimes ..I seen vip program look like not really fair for new coming...so let's think forward and think forward..if the house win forever and what will happen for them lose life saving..this world not forever than let's to win win situation.
  4. Big problem will coming soon..today people created more Altoin without thinking the risk..if this continues my investment in mining sites will be useless... remember only Diamond can scratch diamond..it was the same only crypto can destroyed Crypto...pls focus only with old coins.
  5. Every single day people and world wide created too much Alt coin..if this things continue the future of the Bitcoin will fall down...I know some of you never think about this...when too much supply the values will fall down...to make the coin future is continue by focus on support buying coin...I think many of u know about history of bitconnect...when I am write something it will be really serious problem.
  6. ☺️ first of all let me introduce my name is keepit and started join primedice since 2014 till this day..I felt so glad now so many people enjoy the chat couse there is active and friendly mod..I wished Admin rewards more to this mod so they can continue support and make primedice better place than any sites in this world.
  7. Username:keepiit Bitcoin is the best...get sleep and turn on your bot.
  8. Bytecoin is very simple calculation...example u created new coin with new value in market...example if too much supply it will be same like abandoned coin. Remember how altcoin will destroyed Bitcoin...did u remember how bitconnect make BTC fall.?
  9. Merugikan bro...kami pasti tahi judi...tidak Ada manusia yg Bisa jadi kaya main Judi selama hidupya...ngerti kamu
  10. No need too much coin bro ..it's will manipulate price
  11. Wooot wooot... I s not easy to hit bro...even u have $1m