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  1. If you don't like socializing, find another thing that will make you happy because happiness prevents mental disorders. I'm not a social person too and society, including my parents, always judged me and pointed their fingers at me. Nowadays they treat you like an alien if you're not a social person. I have a year old American Staffordshire. Since I bought it, my life changed a lot. I don't need to hang out with friends and listen to their stupid conversations. A walk with my dog is enough to charge me with energy and happiness. But if you feel like you cannot escape it and it gets worse, look for some medicine, like Etizolam 2mg ( https://worldpharm365.com/product/et...-with-bitcoin/ ), and treat it from the inside. This won't make a social person but will prevent negativity from controlling your mind. You did not have suicidal thoughts? They sometimes come in my mind. Cheers