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  1. I am a newcomer here should. I have never really done. I hunted such Xs in Limbo just for curious betting coins
  2. The only thing that makes gamblers feel great or good is when they make a profit Knowing when to stop and continue. No complaints when broken. Always come back and play because you can't get out of it.
  3. I love the challenges on Telegram and the challenges are updated daily. This is one of the interesting things I like and helps me experience the platform longer
  4. I can play for a long time, all night, all day .haha
  5. I'm new so maybe I'll check your ideas and give me instructions thank you
  6. Yes, I find it really a difficult choice that you need to make and you also need a little luck I will personally wait a little longer before deciding how to do it
  7. if that happens I don't need to try to make it more famous but I will run it wisely
  8. I have not participated in races yet but I would like to participate to see how far I can go In my opinion, this is competition, so you also need to think about whether your path is right or not so you can get the best results and good luck.
  9. I think you should consider whether you do the right thing if you don't want to lose more
  10. Welcome to the community. Good luck here and have fun!
  11. I am a new player and a small player with a small deposit so I draw only a little, and even then rarely, sometimes once a week sometimes once a month depending on the sewing Luck :))
  12. Can you speak more clearly about your tactics??
  13. I definitely think emotions play an important role. You can get two different results when gambling when you are in a bad mood or in a good mood
  14. mrsino

    What website is good?

    Yes, I think playing on mobile is quite convenient, but sometimes there are disadvantages for mobile players.