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    Slava2105 got a reaction from hudost2 in What is a really makes a good Gambler?   
    A good player should always feel the game. When you need to leave, and when to change the seed or put a big x. Unfortunately, this feeling is not given to everyone. That attitude towards me is almost absent. I sometimes envy those who can stop in time.
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    Slava2105 got a reaction from Mahdirakib in Are you good at recruiting affiliates?   
    You understand that partners are not so easy to find. The scope is a little different. Few people believe in crypto, and even more do not believe that it is possible to withdraw fiat money from it. And some just laugh at me.
    Need to play with a cold head. But you need to play with those satami which is not at all a pity to lose. But if you feel sorry for losing, then it's best not to gamble at all. At the expense of mood, I completely agree with you. If it’s bad for you, then you shouldn’t start playing.