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  1. 93.46 Bet: 37,238,643,896 placed by Slava2105 on 20/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 0.00000500 10.26 Bet: 37,241,047,626 placed by Slava2105 on 20/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 6.00x Profit 0.00000500
  2. I agree with you about the application account in the phone. But forum posts are very difficult to write. The keyboard layout covers the entire writing field. That's why I read and write posts only in the evening from a laptop. Now, if they did a good app for a mobile phone, I would simply be happy.
  3. Very well said. You shouldn’t write on the Farum, but work as a correspondent. Your tongue is very well suspended, and that’s welcome there. I wish I could talk so well. I would not write anything on the forum.
  4. Personally, I will mostly lose, but not win. Of course I would like to catch a good x. But it’s probably not soon. That’s why I’m mostly losing. But there will be a holiday on our street. Isn't it true.
  5. Of course, I prefer to play prime from a computer. This is much better and more interesting. Betting is faster and better seen. Of course, the speed of rolls is much better than on a mobile phone. I specifically bought a laptop for this. Here it helps me a lot.
  6. A good player should always feel the game. When you need to leave, and when to change the seed or put a big x. Unfortunately, this feeling is not given to everyone. That attitude towards me is almost absent. I sometimes envy those who can stop in time.
  7. You correctly noticed the goal. Here let’s just say contests. I won’t give up until I complete the contest. I go out in the negative. Then I beat off. But sometimes it happens that when repelled I lose everything. If only I could lose quite a bit, a little.
  8. When I lose a lot of money during a game, then I lose my entire balance without a trace. I can even lose the odds at other casinos.
  9. I would say that this is not greed, but ozart. You just can’t stop and start playing harder. You increase bets and ultimately lose everything. You just need to learn how to tune out in time.
  10. Bet: 36,245,044,775 placed by Slava2105 on 07/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 7.50x Profit 0.00000650 Bet: 36,248,265,591 placed by Slava2105 on 07/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000100 Multiplier 120.73x Profit 0.00011973
  11. Yes, of course this bolance is very big for me. Even if I have it, does it make sense to lose it at the races. Maybe the better is 500 sat. to withdraw. It's still $ 50.
  12. You understand that partners are not so easy to find. The scope is a little different. Few people believe in crypto, and even more do not believe that it is possible to withdraw fiat money from it. And some just laugh at me. Need to play with a cold head. But you need to play with those satami which is not at all a pity to lose. But if you feel sorry for losing, then it's best not to gamble at all. At the expense of mood, I completely agree with you. If it’s bad for you, then you shouldn’t start playing.
  13. Unfortunately, I also did not see one hundred would play this crap. But I believe that in the near future they will play on it. My bet should be the same as on Bitcoin 0.000001 bits.
  14. I'm also as greedy as you are. But this feeling of greed needs to be somehow stopped. After all, it never brings good. I, too, like you did two depots. But from the second I won the first and another 20%, but then I don’t know what to do.
  15. I think that everything is visible by profit. If you win, the profit will be green, and if you lose, it will be red. But with my experience it’s clear that it’s not so easy to win in a casino.
  16. I do not think that people who lose a lot. These are people with a bad mood. It's just like people just a little bad luck for me. But there is such a moment when everything will be paid in full. Only this moment would not be missed, otherwise it would take a very long time to wait.
  17. When I drain a lot of money, then I go to other casinos and try to recapture them there. But as usual. I merge everything to the penny.
  18. I just recently went to prime and did not have time to get acquainted with the rules of the forum. But as soon as I saw this topic, I became interested and I wanted to get acquainted with them. Thanks for the reminders.
  19. I tried to beat the 9900x but failed. I made 4,000 rolls and it didn’t work, I just caught it after I changed the seed. Change your seeds more often.
  20. I think a good player is playing with his head on his shoulders. He never loses his head. It just catches the casino itself. Then the casino is mistaken and begins to give the player x well.
  21. And what are other competitions? This is actually the first time I’ve ever had a steak forum and I don’t know at all about its rules. How many competitions and how to find them. In short, I will slowly delve into the essence.
  22. This is a matter of chance. You can win a lot, but you can also lose. Need to play with a cold head. Do not think about the big win, but just play.
  23. I have not participated in races but I want to participate. This largely affects the psychology and emotions of a person. Let's see how I do it. Will I be lucky in racing.
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    Hello to everyone who is now on the forum. I came here for the first time and want to chat with you. Good luck to everyone on the forum.