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  1. You got to 148 losing streak on 2x? 😧 I tend to try a new strategy with cheap coins like XRP first, test how well it works and see what kind of losing streaks can I get up to. If you are looking for a long losing streak though, wouldnt pre-rolling with 0 coins work the same as well?
  2. Slightly confused which is the beginning of 2nd comment but whatever
  3. Definitely an interesting idea. Would love to have it under a hidden advance betting feature. Though not sure how likely it would be considered since we have yet to have the option to increase betting speed.
  4. 99.99 Bet: 37,512,004,235 placed by Blahx on 24/09/2019 Wagered 0.00000021 Multiplier 80.49x Profit 0.00001669
  5. This is a very reasonable amount to be honest. Especially since $100 worth of coins yesterday is very different to $100 worth of coins today due to the drop in prices. 😂
  6. That is definitely the logical, good advice worth trying for. I have been burnt by going for gut feeling hunts too many times.
  7. I personally do look at bet history and nightly goals to review myself and plan out how to approach the next day. I see methylminer mentioned, while I do not analyse every bet like how he does, I do change things out when I see certain rolls come out during roll hunts as well
  8. I have not got the chance to use vault, but I always thought that the feature would be good to quickly control your current balance. Like if you want to try a certain auto bet strategy and want to limit the losses. and you can store part of the amount into the vault first, incase something happens while you are in the toilet 😫
  9. I like XRP, since it gives us the freedom to try different strategies with a bigger balance, but at the same time worth more than Doge.
  10. Wow, I wasn't expecting that when I saw a 3D VR simulation with a girl in a maid outfit 😂 But yeah, 'thinking outside of the box'
  11. Wow, the due to the nature of dicing the age group is older than most forums I guess I personally love anime and would watch around 10 plus series every season. For eg, this season spent every week waiting for Dr. Stone and Vinland Saga, am also sad that Kimetsu no Yaiba will be ending next week :[ I am still do watch normal TV shows and love the big Marvel movies as well, I mean I cannot wait for the next Breaking Bad movie to come out!
  12. Yup, put on the headphones and listen to heavy music or smoothing ones, whichever is your thing! If you are at home, I would suggest taking a long shower as well, will help you clam down and think straight before going back to the music
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    Oh, welcome as well then
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    Hello fellow dicers, I am new to the community, slowly reading up on some topics here :]