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  1. when u are trying to hit plat 3, you will grow old wagering like this lol. thanks for the idea though.
  2. Bet: 55,185,986,208 placed by goodac on 13/04/2020 Wagered 8.00000000 Multiplier 15.00x Profit 112.00000000
  3. please check your email. i sent some coin and never got it and you have not responded to email
  4. Bet: 51,382,877,597 placed by goodac on 27/02/2020 Wagered 0.01713078 Multiplier 1.19x Profit 0.00330230
  5. there is nothing wonderful about the twist. most coins will go unclaimed. it should be sent all at once. you guys should stop creating senseless post because of some forum coins 😡
  6. if it is a plat only chat room, i do not think regulars will be able to access it. the tab will only be visible in the vip section of the account
  7. i will suggest primedice management creats a special chat for platinum players. most of the plats dont chat because they feel pressured by the regulars. i am talking about begging , bully etc. a special chat room for platinum players will be great. i hope this comes to reality soon
  8. Bet: 48,680,033,664 placed by goodac on 01/02/2020 Wagered 993.39159505 Multiplier 1.21x Profit 205.94001157
  9. i am actually closing the site soon. watch out😎
  10. why do you guys like spamming bets???😡 just edit your post instead of posting too many bets. all that is needed is 1 bet/