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  1. I wish they got fast bet speeds for easier high payout hunting
  2. When I was pregnant it was fine as long as I played with small amount
  3. Trust pilot name: mark primedice: mgregg4177877 i gage 5 stars with what I love and a small suggestion about bet speed thanks
  4. I prefer to stay nice and sharp when gambling (some reason I like to know just how much I’m loosing lol)
  5. It depends how I am feeling. If I win and many friends are online I tip but privately. Sometimes I may win but still be in an overall loss which makes me want to keep my balance. Problem with rains and tipping is the mayhem that starts in your pms
  6. I prefer to use cryptonator as you can access it anywhere, exchange coins and store all main crypto in one place. I’m a simple man lol