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  1. Ohh its really nice strategy. If we luckily hit big multiplier before reach 99x is good. otherwise we need to hunt 99x finally. i will try this thing next time when we gonna play.
  2. Hi Guys, What could u expect if u do not make deposit in month and do gambling with faucet, race and bonuses from different website. (only gambling website) As per me i could manage to make around at-least 200$ without deposit in one month. one big thing we could not make any loss during that period as we not gonna make any deposit.
  3. Gambling never be thing we proud unless we make some huge profit. Person whose main earning from job, business is 200-500$ p.m. and if he make 1000-2000$ p.m. from gambling every month for continue 10-12 months. then in such case he can proud. but still we need to thing how long he will make profit. Gambling never give u continue winning streak for more like 1 year.
  4. Taking risk is always good. because there is we can play long time with small bet and we need some good wins. In small risk we need to put higher balance to win more. sometime that really sucks.
  5. I never talk to so many peeps while came to gambling websites. We need to select small group of peeps to talk on gambling website. Talking with any unknown person is unnecessary. Trusting all peep leads to scam.
  6. Yes. emotion always influence game. Sometime our long winning streak leads to increase happiness and greediness. Greediness leads to loss. if we continue loose big amount and we want to recover same amount instantly by depositing big amount is wrong idea. Recovering loss in small span of time is also wrong and leads to loss.
  7. People who loss in gambling is not negative minded people. People loose because they cant control their greed. or they are having insane bad day. (unluckiness)
  8. Its totally bad time. No any thinking came in mind, I only think how to avoid this thing in next session and try to stop thinking about current loss. I face so many loss several occasion and even profit on other. (happy for overall profit )
  9. Ohh thinking un-imaginary picture of 1btc balance. people mind can think anything. but its possible. If i got tip of big amount like 1btc or more, i will return only half amount to sender. If tip amount like 0.05-0.1 btc then there is no return..
  10. There is no big difference in animation and instant bet. I not notice that thing. There is no big difference in number of bet if we change to instant bet mode.
  11. There should be a jackpot tab which showing players who won jackpot and details of his bet. i saw such thing on other website. as there is no such tab how we got know that anyone won or not jackpot anytime...
  12. As per me 0.01btc is enough for race. As race is 24hours. we can wager properly withouth taking big risk. and can be end with top 10.
  13. If someone tip me Wrongly big amount like 1btc or more. I return him only half and i enjoy half amount. If someone send it to wrong btc address and if thats my address. there is no chance to send it return.. unfortunately and happily i would enjoy all amount.
  14. HI guys its my 1st day on Primedice. I already member of stake... Its too old website already completing 6years.(nice to hear that.) I hope it go long live.
  15. Ohh. nice to see such strange username. (similar username) This thing might be done by same user.. To get maximum profit with race, we can create multiple accounts???