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  1. The choice to play with other currencies is the most important i think. I also think the layout is important and a lot of options with autobet.
  2. Ive played this game before and made it many times to a payout
  3. Rollingyourhead this site actually has no faucet. Update today: Luckygames Update. What's new?Dice Jackpot:The number of the last equal digits was increased to 6.Cells Game:Using the bots or clickers in this game may lead to suspension and losing the profit.Number of available cells was increased to 195.House Edge was increased to 2%Snapshot was added to the bet`s page.Affiliates:You are able to use our banners and signatures in your campaigns.Do you think that your banner or signature is worthy to be in our list? Feel free to contact us! We are always open for your suggestions and offers.
  4. I will give it a try but because the cheating with the nonreflink i will just sign up without ref. edit: the site wont even open.
  5. I read somewhere that beer also is good for your hair. That it become healthy or something if you wash your hair with it.
  6. I loveeee LMS! I will join again soon
  7. Nice one! WIll try to come and watch how you do
  8. Dont think I made it this time but congrats to the people who did
  9. hmm maybe i should try it. Rolling myself also results in losing so no risk for me
  10. ltc went up quite much latest times
  11. If its really your bestfriend then he fixes that they get a long. Or at least good enough to be in the same room