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  1. I read somewhere that beer also is good for your hair. That it become healthy or something if you wash your hair with it.
  2. Dont think I made it this time but congrats to the people who did
  3. hmm maybe i should try it. Rolling myself also results in losing so no risk for me
  4. ltc went up quite much latest times
  5. If its really your bestfriend then he fixes that they get a long. Or at least good enough to be in the same room
  6. Oh my favorite book is a swedish book. I dont think so much people would recognice it here. Its called kaffe med rån. Its a really funny book and i love it
  7. Math! I always hated science.
  8. I would save them till they are worth so much more in some years
  9. Svirby


    When I was younger i use to do swimming and I did a lot of matches. Nowadays i play badminton each week. No matches but just for fun Wich sport do you do yourself?
  10. Username on forum: Svirby Primedice: Sv1rby
  11. If i play with my 150 faucet then I just try to double up first 3 times so that I have a bigger startbalance. THen I either try to go up with martingale or I try to roll a 9900X payout.
  12. Is there a simple way to check how much valid posts and topics you did in this giveaway so far?