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    ThePug got a reaction from Cat4Life in Bankroll vs Balance   
    I would never have a balance bigger than my bank roll, that is just silly. The main reason why people have a bank roll is to maintain a balance in the future. By not using a bank roll, you are just limiting your gambling sessions in the future and you would have to deposit/loan from other users in the future.  
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    ThePug reacted to Cat4Life in Best way to wager for VIP   
    well, to wager until 1btc, you would lose house edge-1% and thats 0.01btc , if just using 98% but using different strategies that woulf like.. recover and wager,you could lose way more, or end up at like 0,something.
    could try like 98% and then  after some greens go for good 2%hit and then  recover like that, or just, bet-win and use profit to just bet 98% (not max  never do that :p)
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    ThePug got a reaction from JohnTravel in Have you ever noticed someone Unhappy with you Winning at the game?   
    I've never experienced this before. People that I communicate with are so nice and the praise me if I ever make money. The worst thing to do is be a nuisance and not support the person winning. Just be nice to as many people as you can on the site  
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    ThePug got a reaction from luizoruivo in Let the Dice Choose Your Destiny 1 (0.00? btc)   
    I'm not even kidding you, this was my first bet  The ones before hand were for a different challenge lol
    Hit a 99.99 btw  
    Bet: 37,159,229,338
    placed by ThePug on 19/09/2019
    0.00000000 Multiplier
    1.01x Profit

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    ThePug got a reaction from CaptainLorca in Do you often get people's attention when they break the rules?   
    If there is someone breaking the rules in the chat, I just contact support and make sure that they are right on it. I would only do this though if there aren't any visible mods in the chat / they haven't been muted for a long time. It is only to make sure that other users on the site don't get scammed and have the best time on prime dice that they can possible have. ❤️  
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    ThePug reacted to Yfendekoc1 in [0.0032 BTC] To the moon!   
    Bet: 36,422,500,562
    placed by Yfendekoc1 on 10/09/2019
    0.00000100 Multiplier
    9900.00x Profit
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    ThePug reacted to @zulfandina in Reasonable race wager balance?   
    $ 50 is still very small if you try to put your name in the daily race in primedice ... that amount is still very small if you hope to win in the daily race in primedice ... it looks like you are dreaming, friend ..
    wake up, friend ... stop dreaming ... make a deposit of $ 1000 and try to reach as much wagered as possible and don't let your money run out ... if you make a deposit of $ 1000 and try your best in the hunt, I'm sure you can enter the top 10 in daily race at primedice ..
    but, if you only make a deposit for only $ 50 ... it seems like you only dream ... you should wake up from your imagination ... 
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    ThePug got a reaction from CntryBoy in Name Your PD Buddy 😘🤞   
    My buddy is @CntryBoy . I have known him for a small period of time, but I find that him and I have a similar personality.
    We don't gamble anything that we can't afford and we just have a good time gambling.
    Also, we are both good at predicting match bets
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    ThePug reacted to CntryBoy in Name Your PD Buddy 😘🤞   
    This is true, we do seem to be quite a bit alike.  I got the best of @ThePug in the last contest and hope I can keep beating him!  Good to finally see you here on PD!
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    ThePug reacted to CntryBoy in Seed control   
    I change my seed whenever I feel the need or after long red streaks.  I know it doesn't really change anything, just more of a mental thing for me I suppose.
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    ThePug reacted to UltraChief in Seed control   
    This is a misconception. I have repeated this statement time and again but I see people making this false statement because of the "Gambler's fallacy".
    People think this because they are losing but the casino does not make your rolls the way they want. You can verify your bets to make sure of this.
    Why people are allowed to change their seeds? To verify the older bets. Every time you change your seeds you get a new seed. This does not change your rolls or make the system "forget" what you already rolled. Every roll is unique and random even if you might think that they are not.
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    ThePug reacted to Zoltan in [0.0015 BTC] A quick walk through decades   
    Guys, i need bets with the numbers mentioned in the OP
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    ThePug reacted to MrNice23 in [100% Safe Dice Script For PrimeDice and DiceBot]   
    Hmm "only requires 1.63 BTC"  is it a joke haha ? Please don't lie to people , we ain't fool , there's no script 100% safe this is bullshit sorry
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    ThePug reacted to davincuy in If someone accidentally tips you 1 BTC?   
    Hmm lets be honest. i think i'm gonna runaway  
    its not my fault right ?