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  1. The new coin is only going to introduce more players to the site. Some people only wager in a certain currency, so this implication can only have a positive effect on the volume of players on the site.
  2. I would hate having no chat on the site. A chat room allows us to socialise on a live basis with other players. Yes, the forum can be viewed as having the same effect. However, the live aspect lets us see real time reactions and responses, which isn't present on a forum.
  3. I can't imagine that anyone is going to win a jackpot any time soon. It just seems as though it is way too hard to hit and you can only hit is with a script.
  4. I never personally create forum topics here as there are only a limited number of topics that you can make about the site. Yes, you can waffle on and probably make an infinite number of topics, but I can imagine that the quality of these will be very low
  5. I’m not the biggest fan of dice. It is so unpredictable and the animation isn’t the most exciting. It is easy to wager with but that mostly requires a bot