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  1. i think the boost feature is really cool. its a nice incentive for reaching the player levels. and it makes the whole environment a little more fun. almost like playing a video game.
  2. Life of Pi is one of my favorites among others. I love a good movie full of symbolism and color. Even though his struggle may have been lavishly exaggerated this is a compelling story on finding spirituality. Stranded in the middle of an ocean with a tiger he overcomes his situation. His perseverance is inspiring. If you havent seen it, I hope you enjoy!
  3. I am definitely guilty of over-confidence after a few wins! It still bars my mind that gambling games are fixed. I have an easy time following trends however my partner clued me in on the roulette dealer changing balls. Astounding! Not only that, but your player card carries your betting habit. As I have literally had a game change when my boyfriend put in his card. Lucky for me we have very different betting habits! I've never seen automated betting other than here. Than would certainly come in handy for video poker! I hate those games!
  4. It is known that emotions and egos create a huge barrier for our intuitive senses. Emotions can easily make us blind to our surroundings. How can you receive an intuitive message when your mind is already occupied? Not only that, but I've learned the great importance in having an open mind. Not a set goal or desire. Free-flow if you will. Intuitive bets are the essence of whimsical play. Do you become distraught if your "gut feeling" was wrong? I've learned that mental intelligence is directly related to emotional control. We all have to learn to control our emotions. With this, we are able to see our situation much more clear-sighted. Most importantly, many of us need to establish mental and emotional control when you know it's time to cash out.
  5. I have always considered myself to be a highly intuitive person. My boyfriend and I play this game together and we use opposing strategies. Him being the one who often plays with auto-betting. My absolute favorite game hands down is roulette. You're at a physical table. The ball is rolling and you may receive your intuitive guess last minute. Quick! No more bets. (& dont listen to other players. connect with the board personally) I am new to primedice.. as of today actually and I would say I'm not grasping the game as well as I could be. You see, I've always been a slow and steady gambler. & what goes hand in hand with intuition-based bets is strategic betting. What I mean is "safe betting" & this isnt quite as available in a game like primedice versus roulette. Heres a question for you.. How do you strategize with your intuition-based bets? There are times when I am certain, so I increase the bet. How do you manage your winning/losing bets? I know you cant intuitively win everytime. So do you withdraw your bet completely before you get you next solid intuitive guess or do you bet lower.. same..? How do you win that huge payout at the luck of one roll? How do you manage your bets so that you have that safety net? It seems the only way to win is risk. Risk your bet on certainty. Oftentimes I find myself wanting to bet a specific range (ie. 30-50) rather than <# or ># Obviously the winnings are found at the edge of the game board. Larger payout if you successfully condense the probable number range? In the end, intuition- betting only helps if you know how and when to get the largest payout. Any input?
  6. My title is Suntelia34 I'm a twenty right year old woman and I love gambling. Wish me luck please because history has shown this little lady is gonna need it :::)))