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    Mini111 reacted to hudost2 in Whats the most memorable dream youve had?   
    Another member here on the forum posted the question "what are dream"? last year in December. If you havent read it feel free to check it out. The post made me rethink some of the dreams ive had which inspired the idea to post the question to anyone who may peek.
    Ive had this dream maybe three times in my life and they are always sweet to experience and also nice to be given a high five by yourself subconsciously. The dream of bounding/flying. I will run as fast as i can and the leap through the air reaching incredible heights. And every time be scared shitless as imaginary gravity grabs my ankles and returns me to imaginary earth. I can feel the uneasiness in my stomach building as i hit the ground only to feel no injury and be glad im not a mash of mush as i should be. Then i race towards my next leap only to feel the same dread. Its a great fucking time and its a representation of my subconscious saying good job pal. Your being and feeling successful. As if there are no heights i cant achieve.
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    Mini111 reacted to bitboy26 in Do you reach for cigarettes when you’re feeling stressed or down?   
    Addiction is something that is hard to give up in an instant but you can try to limit or slowly reduce the cigaritte intake until you finally realize that you have quit smoking for good . just need to think advance if what will smoking cause to your health and its bad  . you can also try other cigaritte alternatives such as vape and slowly limit intake if you wanted to quit smoking .
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    Or is your cigarette smoking linked to other addictions, such as alcohol or gambling?
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    Hello friends!
    I love to watch movies specially hollywood
    I want to ask you your favorite movies and what's special on that movies I like action sci-fi if available with subtitles it will great for me if u guys wanna suggest to watch please comment bellow ::)))
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    Mini111 reacted to hudost2 in Suggest movies   
    Old Boy  The: By south korean film maker Park Chan-wook and original. Avoid the americas adaptation.
    I saw the Devil: by the same filmmaker. these two are part of a trilogy about vengeance. The third lady vengeance i wasnt a fan of.
    Akira: If you like manga. This is was paved the way for manga and is a great fucking movie.
    The Fountain: Good movie. Good cinematography. Good story.
    Count of Monte Cristo: Kevin Reynolds directed it in 2002 and did a good job. Although i havent read the classic the movie was adapted for so his good job is based solely on the film.
    Quills: Starring Jeffery Rush. I hope i spelt his name correctly. The film is based quite loosly on the Marque de'Saude. Whos fame comes from his writings of the most disgusting nature. I read some of it and like none.
    Batman: Michael Keaton is the true Batman god dammit. Although the Dark Knight is a better movie.