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    11111kkk reacted to TERMSERROR in Are you good at recruiting affiliates?   
    idk how much i can earn from affiliate because i don't know how to calculate house edge but yeah affiliate is a good source of income as well if you got good players im also trying to get refferals here till now i don't have any but i think i can do this
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    11111kkk reacted to TERMSERROR in What is your best weekly challenge with best profits ever?   
    hello friends
    im playing weekly challanges from past few weeks. Challenge seems sometimes good sometimes hard to imagine only since im playing i got some profit and loss too but if i compare my losses to the prizes of challenges i never dealt with any loss yet :D
    So i want to know your few experiences in challenge.. 
    1. have you ever got loss compared to prize money of the challenge? 
    2. what is your best challenge which you completed with profits while playing for just challenge? 
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    11111kkk reacted to TERMSERROR in Have you read the rules of Primedice?   
    honestly speaking i didn't read the rules yet but it doesn't mean i don't care the reason behind is that im not new user in casino im playing in casinos since 1 years and im very well aware of rules but i haven't readed rules of forum which was my first and last mistake
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    11111kkk reacted to TERMSERROR in What is your favorite thing about Primedice?   
    i love the most about Primedice is support which is 24/7 available with and quick response which is most reliable i haven't seen in any other site yet and the way they talk even if you are wrong best support team
  5. Haha
    11111kkk reacted to TERMSERROR in How many of you guys follow Primedice on social media?   
    yes me too i im here since months ago but haven't followed in any social site i was missing all updates i recently joined pd in social tele twitter now im getting every news about pd
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    11111kkk reacted to TERMSERROR in More Coins In Primedice?   
    i don't know its enough or not but according to me if Primedice add his own coin with any name like PD coin & value or benefit is according to him like what is the use of coin its all about them coin of the site his own would be great if they add so user can play in free time when they have 0 balance or they loosed his all money
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    11111kkk reacted to TERMSERROR in Largest forum withrawal?   
    i haven't made any withdrawal from forum yet but i recently noticed that im also getting little amount of satoshi for postings my thoughts here i already maded withdrawal able balance here but not trying to withdraw because its too low it can't help me to gamble i hope ill make some enough to play then ill withdraw my first forum earn btc
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    11111kkk got a reaction from Ph4ntom in Hi everyone, pleased to meet all of you   
    Hi friend I'm new too
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    11111kkk got a reaction from Mini111 in Suggest movies   
    Hello friends!
    I love to watch movies specially hollywood
    I want to ask you your favorite movies and what's special on that movies I like action sci-fi if available with subtitles it will great for me if u guys wanna suggest to watch please comment bellow ::)))
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    11111kkk reacted to TERMSERROR in Do you reach for cigarettes when you’re feeling stressed or down?   
    Or is your cigarette smoking linked to other addictions, such as alcohol or gambling?
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    11111kkk reacted to hudost2 in Introductions on a anonymous gambling site? Okee   
    Thanks 11111kkk if written to me and not in reply to a reply. Look around and post whatever comes to mind. Thats what im doing. And had curiosity not crept up on this cat i wouldn't have found out some cool shit that exist on the forum.