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  1. hey back after a break for a month, i like the new layout on PD FORUM!
  2. I,don't understand people complaining about free money being at a certain level.. I mean yeah it sucks but it's not unjustifieable I appreciate any amount they choose to GIVE me and so should anyone else ...
  3. I guess you could have some small point right
  4. Username trich0me New name for Edward is BTCERIFIC
  5. 05.06.2017 means June 5th right? Cause I thought it read as May 5th just making sure
  6. yeah I see simplefx and some others have this available already!
  7. USERNAME = trich0me So this story some of you may have heard because I have told it before but here it goes,,,, Over the past years of playing on PRIMEDICE I have had many memories but one of these sticks out a lot more than the others and it was a memory of the fun I had during the AFC championship football game between my seahawks and the greenbay packers. The game was going terribly for the seahawks and by this time most people have given up because it was almost over and there was no way anyone could see the seahawks coming back from so far behind. So, all of a sudden when everyone including myself were giving up on the team BAM one thing happens which turns into one more thing and another and sooner than later before you know it the seahawks have won and everyone is crying and screaming because of how big of a comeback this was. Now during this entire time I was watching the game I was on primedice chat playing faucet and chatting it up with fans and others alike about the game which I love to do, which makes this memory of the biggest game I have ever watched in my life is now melted together with primedice which will always have a place in my mind. Also this story relates a lot to gambling atleast to me, you always think you have just lost it all and then bam something happens that turns it around for the better and than another and before you know it you are looking at a huge emotional win instead the huge loss you thought you for sure had just finished having literally 5 minutes ago. Gambling can be a fun emotional roller coaster but you need to never give up because you have your ups and your downs! Also I loved chatting with all these people around the world it is amazing how people from so far away can get along so well and have so much in common! Thank you so much guys and long live PRIMEDICE! MUCH LOVE! ....trich0me...
  8. Thanks Colton looking forward to the results I hope insqueezed by in time jheheheh this forum was a great idea
  9. That's my next goal in life