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  1. Primedice is here to stay. It has a good grip on the dice world and has a loyal user base that keeps it alive. Also the whales seen swimming around will keep it afloat. The only real thing that may cause the termination of the site is if profitable quarters didn't exist. If the sites making money at a greater rate than its coating it will continue to offer the wager we enjoy making. Who in the world would send to slaughter a cow still able to produce sweet sweet milk?
  2. Well by all means keep showing us the way master Williamsh. Only if i could discover the exact whereabouts of your cold storage!
  3. Im pretty sure no matter what seed you're planting that if you roll say 99x odds and it hits the 90th roll....the next time it may be the 130th...then the 180th...then the 300th roll and so on and so forth. If you're going to only play one strategy the games going to catch on very quickly. You have to change it up to keep the seed from growing your doom! Im very sure of this. Next time your running one strategy watch the graph that shows your bet history. You will most certainly notice a pattern. And then you will know.
  4. Theres the key my friend. Practice. Everything seems hard to begin with. Sometimes a insurmountable task even. But given effort and determination we find the ability to practice. And then achieve. P.S. amount wagered is soooo low? you just stock piling forum satoshis?!?!? You smart smart mother
  5. Is that a accurate assessment? Or is it the best answer prime dice could apply to the problem? I mean the way he worded his response made it seem like he had very little worry as to the ability to be caught or have his method discovered. Thief's are chiefs are thief's. And im not a thief. But i'm not able to do what hufflepuff did either...but i could....
  6. Man you slay people Chief. I love it, Every single time i read you responding to someone with straight kicks in the teeth it makes my day. I will try to focus on giving likes instead of posting likes but i just had to let this one be explained. Keep knocking the nonsense outta this forum. Yuh good at it.
  7. Aye boss i'm not missing a beat. I wins some. And i loses somes. But in the reality that i exist win or lose it all continues. So i dust myself off and try again try again. I blow a lot of shit outta proportion for entertainment. At least that's the attempt.
  8. Well i would have to imagine the reason stake got to use tron before primedice is because the majority of the team that updates these sites have been busy working on Stake. So naturally that site would receive the Tron update prior to Primedice. I read an article reporting the interview for Edwards resignation and the seating of the new CEO Micro. Within it Micro assures his reader that once the updating is complete with stake and it nearly is then they will return to primedice and give iot the attention it deserves. Primedice is the mother site. Will have a healthy future and will get the love its been missing since stake was born. I myself don't enjoy stake very much. And i also hope Micro steers Primedice into a fair fun familiare direction.
  9. This just became thew most interested damned topic i've seen amidst these forums...And here i thought Eddie and i were as close as two internet strangers could be...now i know we are as far apart as our physical position. Then again...JESUS MAYBE HE'S MY NEIGHBOR! Nope...nope. Definitely not my neighbor.
  10. Maybe you know the whereabouts of this "cold storage" that he is keeping his bitcoins? I uh...have some...uh...ice cream i need to chill.
  11. Yea i've read that article before. But i don't know man there are some mighty things that can happen. Also are you familiar with the Tilt or fulltilt (maybe) scandal? I just read about it myself. Reportedly a casino site with the before guessed name help a debt somewheres around one hundred and sixty million dollars to its members while only having somewheres around sixty million on its books. The internet is a sneaky world full of cat videos...never know what youre gonna get. Just like a box of chocolates.
  12. If you don't mind enlightening me on how that article does not describe the use of quantum computation id appreciate it. I mean it kinda details the use of a quantum processor named ‘Sycamore’ to compute the same amount of information it would take a classic computer ten thousand years to perform! Although i most definitely could have read it wrong. I've only got one good eye and the other ain't to good at seeing. I'm well aware of the fact that there isn't currently in existence the capability of sneaky sam using quantum computers to steal keys. But the day is coming. Technology evolves exponentially. So if quantum computations are happening today they will be a home staple within no time.
  13. Oh master my chief! I tried to make it completely apparent that there was in no way shape or form any insinuation on my behalf that primedice was cheating its way into my pennies. If my country recognized the right to marry a computer i would take my sweet laptop straight to the courthouse and me and it would be wed. For it is the only thing that connects me to the beautiful and ever satisfying prime that rolls my dice. You're all good. BUT YOURE WRONG!
  14. https://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2019/10/191023133358.htm Read it and weep Chief! The day is nigh when no security key is safe from the prying eyes of quantum bandits!
  15. I recently read a topic that had responses mentioning a tilt feature built into primedice. It said something negative about the legitimacy of the trust we give to primedice and its functionality. The heckler was promptly shut down by Master chief which i found very amusing. But i have to ask! What is this tilt that was spoken of? Was it like master chief resoundingly stated as nothing but a gamblers fallacy after losing and needing someone to place the blame in? Or is it a existing feature that isn't entirely understood? Don't be mistaken! I know very well that the majority of the blame that can be levied against my losses is mine. The rest of it can be blamed on that bastard luck that so rarely gives me attention. I'm just looking for the information i may not have.
  16. I for one am not surprised by Iran refusing to recognize bitcoin transaction. Iran is not a fan of a lot of the things modern times brings to the table. No offense to the friendly Iranians. Agreed will. I mean...it's Iran! I dont think its very strange that they would be neutral to the use of their power grid. It would only increase the domestic value of their country and through which promote their economy.
  17. The first time i can remember interacting with support staff was when i gained VIP status. Milan messaged me to let me know and he immediately represented an important figure within primedice that help the special information only spread when the time was right to those who had obtained the right to receive it. Then i found out he was part of a team that did that sort of thing and it was offered to anyone with a question or grievance. But Milan still holds a special place in my gambling world. I just contacted support and got him and it all came back to me. So i figured id pop the question to the community. Who was your first support contact and do you view them differently in any way? I do enjoy Millan's help any time...But it is just a smidge sweeter when i get one of the ladies. Just being honest.
  18. Do you think the fact that you're gambling something that has no physical presence in front of you makes it easier to lose? If the cryptocurrency that you deposited into your account was represented by chips that existed in front of you and you had to physically place them in order to roll a wager would you play it faser? Or do you think it doesn't matter a wager is a wager and they will be place physical or not. I know the speed with which i can go through cryptocurrency is enormous compared to the speed i can go through the chips i have at a table in a casino. Albeit the ability to place bets without delay is a major consideration. This arena to wager opur stakes is a pretty fast paced one without any doubt. But i do believe if i had cryptio chips to bet i might be more considerate of the value they carry. Let's get this whole virtual reality ball rolling a bit faster and i'll see you at the litecoin table eh?
  19. I most commonly roll for 24.5X par 33x pay and 49.5 time pay. but i know when i look at the posts some people make that depict 9900x payouts and turn a thousand satoshi into something nice it gets my interests flowing a lot more. I have ran for some crazy payouts before. But if this topic was referencing roll hunts specifically than i dont really have any experience. It's not something i really have ever done.
  20. I don't know why but i have a completely irrational fear of wolves and cougars. I like to go for hikes into the wilderness And even in areas where these two animals are not known to be i can become uncomfortable and paranoid. There are times especially at night when ill be afraid of a wolf without any reason at all. Maybe i'm just afraid of the dark. Or more probably i was viciously eaten by a wolf pack in a recent life. Yea that definitely makes more sense.
  21. With the world becoming more and more crypto focused and things line crypto cards coming out or places of business accepting cryptocurrency as payment i have to ask how many of you actually participate? Is the world of cryptocurrency still dominated by the transactions that are performed in the safety of shadow. Is this slowly becoming the minority of crypto transaction or will it ever? I know the only thing that i've ever done or seen done with a crypto is gambling and illegal purchases. Its the foundation of bitcoin for sure. Without a world that needed safety in illegal purchases there would not be a need for cryptocurrency. Its become more than that like it was intended to be but the facts is the facts. Illegal enterprise created the value of cryptocurrency. BUT! now that the times are charging has anyone bought their morning coffee with a crypto? paid for a taxi with a crypto? Anything? I do believe decentralized monetary systems are tomorrow's reality and i cant wait for it to happen. I can only hope it happens in my lifetime.
  22. Quantum computing is as very real ting that is happening now. I was under the assumption that there was a successful run of a quantum computer. And after just looking it up i discovered the successful run was just a task being completed in two hundred seconds that would have taken a classic computer ten thousand years to complete. But i guess that the entire point of a quantum computer. The ability to transcend the necessity to account for each bit one by one. A quantum computer that can do what that one did in october would be guessing your private keys before you could withdraw the balance it protected.
  23. There is so much mystery and lure surrounding bitcoin. And no doubt this will be the case for the entirety of its life. But i wonder what your thoughts are on two things in particular. One is the supposed creator of bitcoin. And the other is its validity as a currency. How many of you believe in this Craig Wright who states that he and a friend created bitcoin? Is he the real Nakamoto? Or is he simply attempting to defraud himself into some millions of dollars worth of good old satoshis? And is Bitcoin really the future of economies as so many including myself hope? I've read articles by economist who believe the idea is ridiculous because of the lack of security among other things. Especially with quantum computing becoming the reality it is. But cant security always be created and cant protection from quantum risks be developed with quantum defenses? I really do hope something like bitcoin or any other decentralized form of currency rules tomorrow's day. For to long has the ability to control the many been a easily maintained task tightly gripped by the few. And the control over the monetary systems has a major part in this reality.