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  1. ive noticed anything over .00010000 and the bets start getting real fast. i like it.
  2. i dont treat different currencies differently. crypto or fiat. if im playing pounds dollars pesos yen rialis quils ruppees snoopies or chocolate chips my gambling technique and betting styles remain the same. or i guess maybe not. i know im much more willing to a doge than i am a bitcoin. i have playing with ripple. and im sure i will again!
  3. I was playing roulette with my buddy once and we developed vastly different table tactics than one another. He played only outside 2-1 bets and i played a mix of inside bets and outside bets depending on what i call the "dealers routine". And i always insure my bets with a bet on 0. But anyway. His night was going broke fast and mine was maintaining a steady up and down like i tend to experience. He placed his last bet with 300 on the 1st and 2nd row and looked at me like "well lets get the dice outta here" and i laughed. 3rd row later hes bitching and swearing never to come back so i tossed him four quarters and said "im still playing bro chill the dice out and just enjoy the table" That dude looked at me like he had never experienced such a friendly thing or more inspiring act in his entire like. Put two quarters on the 1st and 2nd row and looked at me like "dice it might as well" and i laughed. 3rd row later he grabbed his smokes and got ready to leave. So i said "hold up hold up hold up" Placed a quarter on my favorite numbers 2, 9, 12, 17, 28, 29, 36 and 0 and said "hit me" to the dealer. My buddy was beside himself with the bet before his eyes and said "what the fuck are you doing man" 36 is my favorite number in roulette next to 0. I hit thirty six. Tipped the dealer a quarter and left with some 3 stacks. Came in with less that 600. Good times fun tables and bad gamblers.
  4. I was first taught the martingale strategy. My buddy introduced me to roulette and explained bet 2/3 of either rows or columns and double the bet if you miss until you hit! "you have a 66% chance to win every spin and as long as you don't run outta money you'll get all you loss back once you do hit. Works every time man" He was a good dude but a shitty gambler and I abandoned his method very early in my schooling. I've also tried reverse martingale or D'Alembert method and also didn't like it. There are all sorts of strategies and stories. But I've really only found one method that works as often as chaos and that's reserved intentional betting with a mind for steady slowly building a bank then withdrawing it. Im working on putting together my bet method because its really been quite successful and posting in in a thread. Intuition is really the key for me. And intention. Inspiring intentionally intuitive gambling. For Dummies.
  5. This may sound homosexual or otherwise lacking in masculinity but the truth remains. And no offense to those who refrain from heterosexuality. Gays are masculine too..or feminine...depending on...preference? But I believe all things come down to the amount of self serving or loving completely oriented our actions are. If our actions are self serving in nature the fruits of our work will rarely ripen. While the more completely in love our actions are the sweeter our yield no matter the field. And it goes for everything. People (all of us) are selfish self centered egotistical maniacs that only act in the best interest of ourselves all the time. There's no escaping t and the longer we contemplate on the reality of that statement the more we become aware of its validity. Mind set. Intention. Focus. Goals. Have to be rooted in love for ourselves. Our family. Friends. Enemies and strangers. Or the fields we sow will yield empty seeds for the next harvest. Word to your dice its no joke. Love love love. That's all it is.
  6. You know its kind of odd how many times this idea has made its way into my reality recently. As if the universe was trying to give me a hint or what not. I don't take breaks. Or I should say I didn't take breaks between gambling sets. Now I shall start taking small breaks to refresh thoughts and strategies. Because it is very true that the longer we engage in a task the less concentration our brain will pay to it. I remember watching tv and often times during a commercial think...what the dice a I watching? And It really would take a solid minute of thinking before it came to me. And that got to be the same exact thing that happens when rolling dice. I know there are times when the voice in the back of my head will be saying...what the dice are you doing stop rolling. And then the next hour or two I'm left wondering where did it all go? Thanks for the post. Hint taken. P.S. You wrote this shit on my birthday no less. Thanks universe. Duly motherfucken noted. Breaks it is.
  7. Thanks pal. Ive been very successful very briefly and honestly I didn't strategize as much as I just let the current take me down the river of chance randomly. the dice have a sort of patter but its a chaotic one. And if you play chaotically with a pattern in mind sometimes the result are worth talking about. Not advice. Just an observation.
  8. This is a good question. And I think the logo representing prime dice does the idea justice. Its evenly divisible. A crown so it symbolizes excellence and a die is its center piece. As if to convey the possibility of obtaining a royal amount of profit from the possibility of dice. Sums up the idea for me in a good way. Justice served in the representation by logo.
  9. A gambler has no control but his/her wager. The man/women gambling has control over every part of their place in time and ever faculty within their understanding. If you don't understand your emotions then there's little control to be had. When you place a wager the result should matter little. I don't often have money to gamble. But I always gamble money I have. And its loss is accepted before its wagered. Its growth is also accepted. I smile knowing the outcome is meaningless. Its not a easy thing to accept or understand. But its the way I play. I don't play to lose. But I don't exactly play to win. Although as of late I have been trying to withdrawal more often no matter the amount. Id like to gain a view of successful gambling. Currently that's not one I have but one I definitely see.
  10. I love to gamble win or lose. The outcome rarely has a impact on the overall experience. If you cant enjoy failing at a guess than you cant really enjoy the success either. At least that's what I believe. And ive received more that my fair share of "what the dice is wrong with this person" looks as I merely lose at a casino. And im not nearly a rich person. Which very probably makes it all the stranger! Its fun to take a stab at the future sometimes an awful lot of stuff can leak out.
  11. Well we can get into a debate about it but my view is this...and its only from where I'm standing so I understand how yours may be different. A photon is a light particle. Just a super tiny nearly unmeasurable particle of light. Its assumed to have absolutely no intelligence because it doesn't have a nucleus let alone a brain or any thinking parts. The only thing this particle is capable of is travelling at the speed of light in a direction. It doesn't even have the ability to change its direction! That's all good and well. But you see Mr.Nice that's just the tip of the old iceberg and as we all know there's probably a lot more ice beneath that tip! And with the double slit experiment we get a glimpse and just a little bit of what lies below. Just a bit. The double slit experiment for those who are unfamiliar is when a observer measure photons shot at two slits in a board or wall or some other obstacle. Now when the observer is measuring the path taken by the photons as they're fired they seem to prefer only a single slit. One direction. No thought along the way. When the observer removes the measuring tool from the equation and instead measures not where they are going but where they have been things get a bit oddly out of shape. When observed post travel its measurement shows that the photons go through both slits at an even rate! Holy dice Batman! What are you saying! Well Mr. Nice I'm glad you asked. Because im saying that even the most unintelligent and least charismatic thing imaginable has some iota of intelligence. The photons act differently when being observed. When measured en-route only one slit is travelled through. When the path taken is measured after the fact both are chosen. Its still waiting for an explanation. This was very probably a horrible way of explaining but its a part of the foundation that supports my belief system. Is control of our reality a illusion? Only as much an illusion as the reality being real. I am made of molecular bonds created by trillions of atoms. Those very same atoms have been in existence for as long as existence has been. So its also true that my body on a atomic level is as old as time and very seriously made of cosmic dust. Gut feelings. Intuition. Synchronization. Prophetic dreams. Past lives. Psychics. Whatever you want to pull out of your crazy hat. Who knows? Ive realized my future thrice. Once by accident and twice deliberately on purpose accidently. I don't know the direct cause only a link or to in the chain that allows a thing you want to happen happen. Have you seen the movie the goonies? Im asking you the person still reading. Well you know the character data? The Asian boy who speaks great English though a little foreign in pronunciation. Well there's a part in the film that he finds fifty dollar bills. And he repeats this more than a few times. "I found a fifty dollar bill...I found a fifty dollar ill" When I was 12 I awoke one normal morning what that very thought and I thought this thought repeatedly in the same asiany accent as my dear hero Data. All day. All through educational learning and all the way home during my walk after. Very near my house I found a fifty dollar bill sitting as if waiting just for me. Did I manifest the bill? Or did I accidently realize my very near future? Maybe my earnest thought somehow shifted my place dimensionally into a near exact dimension only one where that fifty was going to be. Had I never thought such an earnest though id have remained in the same dimension I slept the night before and said fifty would never have been mine. The other times something like this has happened ill tell some other time. And they are much much more interesting and very much more curios. But yes Mr.Nice. I believe there is not one part of our lives we don't directly accidently steer ourselves head on into. If you want to win at dice then you win at dice. But as it currently stand most people don't really want to win at dice. They play dice for any number of other reasons besides a genuine desire and goal of winning. Life is a fractal. And the only way to actively engage with the next mathematical formation is to realize there's a formula.
  12. Im actually quite well adapted to my emotions and there impact of my life. In fact much of the only things that bother me can be summed up with only two fingers! Cats allowed to wonder around with the bottoms of their paws planted firmly on the earth. And losing when i gamble. But besides those two things my emotional state is rather unwavering when it comes to life. Almost like a man who wonders through life only hating cats and loss. And thats not such a bad thing. Actually i think emotional control helps extremely well in the world of gambling. Except for that thing of losing...that just causes much much more loss...
  13. I rarely play a percents odd with a larger pay out than 49.5. And i play those odds quite often. Quite often indeed. And yes it is true whenever i roll a number that is higher or lower than the numbers bet against i feel a twang of "i should have" or "maybe i should" but you know what? I do the thing that the thought was thought about and i dont hit bellow or above the number im betting against more than half the time. And if a thing is going to bother me more than my cat missing his cat back and causing me to send her through the air much like im on the forty yard line with this last chance to with the world cup! Its going to be just that type of bet thats thought about being wagered and then it coming out the way described. Or as it were not at all. When that happens the only recourse ive found that does me any good at all is to drive down the road and get some nasty drugs from the street and use them most excitedly. And mr whiskers the saddest cat in the whole world would have to get kicked all around the house and thats not good. Not good for anyone. I simply dont understand the reason so any people play against such difficult odds at such a great number. Maybe it works?
  14. Im not he biggest fan of stake. It may be nothing more than disliking things that are new. Kinda like a pair of tennis shoes. I never by used anything but when i by a thing that is new i always make it appear not new. Like my tennis shoes. Ill take the nose of the shoe and bend it with my hand repeatedly. Back and forth. Back and forth. Until a noticeable crease can be seen as if it had been walked in many ties around the park. I will rub my pants with things that cause stains. Like blueberry if the pants are blue. So the stain isn't to noticeable but its there. You may be wondering why not just buy your things from re-store? It helps the community. Cuts down on consumption and cost less then a thing bought new. Well because items carry a sort of memory duh. So stake is new. And ive tries it. But how do you make a website appear to be not new? Eh? I would never play dice on stake when i have old terrible prime dice dice. What a pair of dice the two of us!
  15. Eos would be a cool coin to have on prime dice. Its gaining a lot of popularity and becoming a more sought after coin. Bitcoin gold would be cool too but at the same time there's a lot of coins already to choose from and of you don't have the type of coin offered it can always be exchanges for one that is. I mean I have been on a few other dice sites that offer more coins and some that I never would have known existed before seeing them on the site and its a bit tacky. I guess I can see the pros as well as cons. I think I might have already said it but theres enough cryto to choose from for me. I wouldn't mind more at the same time. And eos would be a cool coin to see on prime dice. So would tether. Steller. Monero. Zcash. Ethlite. I mean for dice sake just offer all the crypto. Dice it why not?