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  1. for weekly challenge u have to complete the given task. read the requirements on challenge, u can understand. ( me yoo new here ; bt I think that's it)
  2. minimum wd (like 0.002 btc)) is my terget bt if I fell I 'm lucky & then try to up more 10$
  3. SKS19


    come on huge me I also heard a lot gd things about pd & finally I joined
  4. I gonna be mad & admitted to a mental hospital 😆 lol jking
  5. I joined yesterday & bust my first diposit 5200doge bt hopefully next time I can win.
  6. Not even now bt one day I'll. (flames looks beautiful at chat ☺️
  7. O_o that's really cool win paul. (I can't imagine like it now) btw good luck & win more..
  8. xrp is my favourite crypto. thank you primedice for bring xrp contact with us.much fun 💓
  9. I just join today. new on pd.heard a lot about u all guys. nice community here.(don't neglete /ignore me as a new plz
  10. SKS19

    Introduction :)

    Mara, welcome & congrats. (I'm also new here)
  11. Hello friends, hru? 🙂 today I join primedice & also community (fourm). I heard a lot about lovely people of this community. hope I 'll get fun & love of all. ☺️