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  1. The reason for the increase in the price of BTC is because of the media. Previously, everyone didn't know about Bitcoin and its price was only a few hundred dollars. But since Bitcoin has been widely talked about, its price has increased to $ 19000 in late 2017
  2. If the Indian government decides to jail sentences for Bitcoin users, I believe that investors in India will move to countries that accept Bitcoin to live. and the Indian government will suffer heavy losses
  3. It will definitely be a doomsday for me if this situation is true. I will go to find and kill whales that sell Bitcoin at low prices. I pray that the BTC price will never fall to $ 300
  4. I think it's about Bitcoin's scarcity. hence the value of Bitcoin has increased greatly and made it more popular than other crypto. I myself will choose Bitcoin investment instead of investing altcoin
  5. I think that the father of Bitcoin is Satoshi Nakamoto. Creator of word crypto I don't know. Maybe it is still Satoshi Nakamoto
  6. Currently the price of the crypto market is red, I recommend investing your assets in Bitcoin or altcoin at the moment. I also invested over $ 0.5 BTC today
  7. I know how to play gambling since I was a student. But from then on I feel I have very little luck because I have lost a lot of money when playing dice games
  8. My friend said that gambling is the thing that kills many people in the world. maybe my friend has lost a lot of money so he has bad thoughts about gambling. Truly gambling is an entertainment and does not make everyone rich
  9. Of course, I will always evaluate my financial situation before I gamble. I need to know how much money I have and how many times I can bet
  10. I do not believe there are such people who really exist on this earth. Most people will not be able to calm down when losing consecutive bet and they will decide to put it all in Last bet. Every limit is broken when you lose a bet
  11. agree with your comment. All gambling-related games have risks. I used to play a lot of different games but mostly I lost money. very rarely do I earn money from gambling
  12. If I win then I can accept it, but I don't accept defeat. Maybe I am a stubborn person but I think sometimes I will win this bet session and the result is not so. It will take a few days for me to forget the sadness of failure